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The Worst Thing The Hypnotoad Ever Did On Futurama

Believe it or not, television is an important aspect of Futurama. Philip J. Fry once saved the world from an alien invasion by rewriting the aliens' favorite 20th-century TV show. Bender once became an international sensation for turning the fictional show All My Circuits into an R-rated sleaze-fest. And Leela once became the award-winning creator of a children's TV show called Rumbledy-Hump. Even when the protagonists aren't making their own shows, the Planet Express crew can often be found sitting in front of the office's TV watching the News or All My Circuit.

However, there's one other popular show in the world of Futurama that viewers don't often see. It's called Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, and it stars the eponymous amphibian showing off his powers. Nothing seems to happen on the show except for a constant shot of the Hypnotoad staring intently at the camera, likely beaming his hypnotic effects through the screen toward his helpless viewers. This nationally syndicated mind control program may seem sinister, but that's only the least of the Hypnotoad's crimes against humanity.

How the Hypnotoad got away with murder

In Futurama's first straight-to-DVD movie, Bender's Big Score, the main characters are watching what must be a live broadcast of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad's newest episode. Midway through the episode, however, an announcer's voice plays explaining that this episode must be cut short for an emergency announcement by Earth President Richard Nixon.

This doesn't sit well with the Hypnotoad, who proceeds to use his powers to force the announcer to commit suicide on live TV. He doesn't even give the guy the benefit of silent death, as he asks his thrall to beg for mercy as he performs the vicious act. It's an incredibly dark moment in the show that is quickly brushed aside for Nixon's broadcast.

However, that's only one of the several evil things the Hypnotoad has done in his handful of Futurama appearances. During one of his earliest appearances, he used his powers to hypnotize the judges of a pet show into giving him first place. Furthermore, in the show's mobile game Worlds of Tomorrow, Hypnotoad encounters a female of the same species from a perpendicular — not parallel — dimension. The two quickly fall in lust, but their sexual attraction soon rips through the universe's "prophylactic membrane," causing dimension rifts that deal massive damage to the entire universe. It may have been unintentional, but nearly destroying reality might take the cake as Hypnotoad's biggest sin.