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The Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2 - What We Know So Far

From the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to the popular online video game Sea of Thieves, pirates remain a staple of pop culture. The popular appeal of pirate stories is simple and straightforward: they're wily, seafaring warriors that like to have a good time. That said, while it's easy to picture a fictional pirate that fits that description, pirating exists not only in the popular consciousness — it once existed as a real-life, historical occupation too.

Pirates had something of a golden age in the 1700s. It was during that time that the likes of Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and other well-known figures lived, and it's that era which continues to serve as the inspiration for countless fictional pirate stories. In March of 2021, Netflix released The Lost Pirate Kingdom, which combines narration from historians with dramatic reenactments of historical events to tell the story of that so-called "golden age of piracy."

In typical Netflix fashion, the streaming service released all six episodes of the series' first season upon its March 15, 2021 premiere date. Here's everything we know so far about the prospect of a second season of The Lost Pirate Kingdom.

When will season 2 of The Lost Pirate Kingdom be released?

Netflix has yet to comment on whether or not there will be a second season of The Lost Pirate Kingdom. Given that the streaming service has not yet determined the series' future, season 2 remains a possibility despite the lack of information. Netflix even lists The Lost Pirate Kingdom as being comprised of one season, whereas a completed single-season show is categorized as a limited series.

Furthermore, season 1 of The Lost Pirate Kingdom was a hit. At its peak popularity, the series even managed to crack the top five most-watched series on the streaming service. If those numbers keep up, then Netflix may very well be compelled to produce a second season based on the strength of its first season's numbers alone. Without a confirmation of a second season from Netflix, however, season 2 is unlikely to premiere in the near future, making a release date sometime in 2022 likely, should the series continue.

Who will star in season 2 of The Lost Pirate Kingdom?

Season 1 of The Lost Pirate Kingdom features James Oliver Wheatley as Blackbeard, Sinead MacInnes from Warrior Nun as Mary Hallet, Sam Callis as Benjamin Hornigold, Mia Tomlinson as Anne Bonny, and Tom Padley as Charles Vane, among its other central roles.

However, with no official announcement of a second season from Netflix yet, there's no guarantee that the cast of the first season of The Lost Pirate Kingdom will return even if the series does. The Lost Pirate Kingdom is unique in that its actors aren't always the center of attention. Since the show primarily serves as a recounting of historical events, the driving force behind its story is narration by real-life historians. Its central cast portrays the pirates mentioned in its voiceover, sometimes merely acting out what's being explained without much, if any, actual dialogue. Given that its actors are less essential to production than many other series, the fate of its season 1 cast is uncertain.

What will be the plot of season 2 of The Lost Pirate Kingdom?

At the start of The Lost Pirate Kingdom's first season, a group of pirates rob the country of Spain amidst a war against England in order to found an egalitarian society in the Bahamas. That society serves as a backdrop for many of the famous pirate adventures that would go on to inspire pirate fiction to this day. At its conclusion, British sea captain Woodes Roger has taken control of the Bahamas from the pirates and claimed the region for England, thus ending the Bahamanian quasi-utopia.

Season 2, therefore, could theoretically pick up from there, and document how pirating was then changed once their island safe haven was lost. That said, Roger's governorship of the Bahamas could just as easily be considered the end point of the golden age of pirates. In that case, a second season of the series could instead tell the story of another historical era of piracy, such as the life of Captain Morgan just prior to The Lost Pirate Kingdom season 1's golden age.

The Lost Pirate Kingdom is available to stream on Netflix now.