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Why Mary Hallet From The Lost Pirate Kingdom Looks So Familiar

The pirates of the Caribbean are apparently claiming Netflix viewership as their latest booty. No, that doesn't mean you've got a fresh shot at seeing the dread-locked hair and gold-toothed grin of Johnny Depp on Netflix, but you do have a chance to explore the real stories behind some of history's most infamous swashbucklers in the streamer's electrifying new docudrama The Lost Pirate Kingdom. The six-part series has only just sailed into the streaming waters, but it's already one of Netflix's hottest shows, and it's deserving of a spot in your queue.

Narrated by legendary actor Derek Jacobi (Gladiator), The Lost Pirate Kingdom blends elements of documentary storytelling with lavishly produced dramatic recreations in exploration of the so-called "Golden Age of Pirates." It was the time that gave us several famed and feared names like Anne Bonny (Mia Tomlinson), Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch (James Oliver Wheatley), Black Caesar (Miles Yekini), and Samuel Bellamy (Evan Milton) as they flew the black flag in the name of brutally sacking and looting any English vessel that crossed their path.

The new series also focuses a great deal on how that motley band of pirates set up an unexpectedly democratic sort of republic to rally against the encroaching British Naval forces. The Lost Pirate Kingdom also delves into the personal stories of those pirates, few of which was more tragic than that of Samuel Bellamy, his doomed New England love Mary Hallet, and the famed Cape Cod wreck of the Whydah.

As that fateful story unfolds on The Lost Pirate Kingdom, we're betting some of you might recognize the face of the actor who portrays Mary Hallet. Her name is Sinead MacIness, and Netflix viewers have likely seen her before.

Sinead MacInnes also played tough on Netflix's Warrior Nun

If you do recognize Sinead MacInnes' face, you've got a sharp eye, as it was mostly seen in full habit when she appeared in Netflix's wild comic book adaptation Warrior Nun. That hyper-violent delight made its way to the platform in 2020, and found an orphaned teen (Alba Baptista) waking from death to discover the divine artifact embedded in her person has bequeathed her superpowers that allow her to join a secretive order of nuns who spend their days hunting and killing Earth-bound demons.

Yes, Warrior Nun (based on a comic book series from Ben Dunn) is every bit as bonkers as it sounds. And yes, it's every bit as fun, with the series providing enough stylized gun-slinging action, pulp-tinged storytelling, and theological sojourns to suit the bloodlust and brain-craves of every small screen viewer. But even as the butt-kicking Sisters of the Ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword all shed their share of blood in Warrior Nun's ten season 1 episodes, few did so with quite as much verve and unabashed joy as the aptly named Sister Crimson. 

That was indeed Sinead MacInnes portraying the venomous, blood-loving Sister who eventually (and unsuccessfully) led a full blown Reject Nun rebellion against the Mother Superion (Sylvia De Fanti) and the Cruciform Sword faithful. Unfortunately, MacInnes' time on Warrior Nun was pretty limited, as said rebellion was eventually quashed with impunity. Even in such a limited time, however, MacInnes made the most of the moment, imbuing her character with a fallible (if near psychotic) humanity, and showing some serious action chops to boot.

Of course, given the way things turned out for Sister Crimson it seems unlikely she'll return for season 2 of Warrior Nun, but one can hope.