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What Is The Song In Wendy's $5 Biggie Bag Commercial?

Wendy's is back with another fun commercial that will get a catchy song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The commercial, advertising the restaurant's "$5 Biggie Bag," takes the viewer through a city where people are getting interrupted by a short clip of a hip-hop song. At first, we only hear someone repeating the words "Major Bag Alert" while the $5 Biggie Bag is advertised on a billboard, on every TV in an electronic store, even to people on a date via phone notification. In short, it seems like this song is unavoidable.

Before you know it, the repeated tune eventually leads people in the commercial to realize what they need in life: a $5 Biggie Bag. Halfway through the commercial, people start to break away from the trance the advertisement has created and run off to what viewers can only assume is Wendy's.

So, what is this song that only plays a few seconds at a time but is guaranteed to get stuck in your head by the end of the commercial?

Wendy's brought in big names for the $5 Biggie Bag ad

At first, the auto-tuned singing of "Major Bag Alert" sounds very familiar, and many fans can probably guess who it is if they listen to it enough. The song is none other than "Major Bag Alert" by DJ Khaled, featuring Migos. Not much of the music is presented in the commercial as the song cuts off after a few seconds. Still, it's undeniable this song is a perfect fit. The "major bag alert," sung by Quavo, serves as an actual alert to customers that this deal is back at Wendy's.

It isn't until the last five seconds of the commercial that you start to hear a little more of the song. Wendy's may not have used much of the tune, but they arguably used enough to get it stuck in people's heads, leaving them wondering where the nearest Wendy's is located.