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Fans Of What We Do In The Shadows Just Got Very Exciting News

There have been many successful mockumentary films and TV series over the years, but very few franchises have succeeded in being both. Easily the best example of crossover success in the genre of "talking at camera with hilarious results" is What We Do in the Shadows. The original 2014 film centers on a trio of vampires trying (and frequently failing) to make their way through a modern world. The film succeeded in more than just reminding us how territorial and obnoxious werewolves can be; it also helped cement the talents of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi in the public consciousness.

Five years later, What We Do in the Shadows returned as a television series, which airs on FX. While our original cast is gone, Clement remains the show's creator, and we find ourselves with a whole new cast of vamps, including an energy vampire named Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch). While that series has slowly but surely delved into not only vampires but the slayers who hunt them, there is always room in the world for more vampires talking to cameras.

And that is why we're excited that another TV series is finally making its way the worldwide streaming-verse — Wellington Paranormal.

How does an average police officer handle the supernatural?

Fans of the original What We Do in the Shadows likely remember Officers Minogue (Mike Minogue) and O'Leary (Karen O'Leary) as two police officers somewhat befuddled by supernatural goings on. It turns out that there's a good amount of story worth telling about how officers of he law can (and, just as importantly, cannot) deal with creatures from the netherworld — and that is the gist of Wellington Paranormal.

What even diehard fans of What We Do in the Shadows may not realize is that Wellington Paranormal has actually been around for a while — longer than the What We Do in the Shadows TV series has been. The reason so many don't know about the series is because it airs primarily in New Zealand. However, after three seasons, a Christmas special, and a smattering of COVID-19 messages, the gang of Wellington Paranormal are finally getting their international due.

Starting in summer 2021, Wellington Paranormal will begin airing episodes on The CW before streaming the next day on HBO Max. And with this series set to get more attention than ever before, perhaps we'll even see a spin-off between it and What We Do in the Shadows, which began filming its own third season in February 2021.