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The One Scene In Candyman That Makes Hardcore Horror Fans Jump

Adapted from Clive Barker's short story "The Forbidden," Bernard Rose's Candyman was, and still is, a horrifying movie in many ways. There's something about staring into a mirror and uttering "that name" five times that still has the ability to give even the toughest person goosebumps, and for good reason. Also, it's never a good idea to go poking around in old urban legends, and that's exactly what Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) decides to do. What she finds is beyond her imagination, and the backstory behind it leaves locals terrified.

There are a lot of memorable scenes from Candyman, but of course, a few in particular stand out. Leave it to Reddit to dig up these moments, because we all want to be reminded of Candyman's (Tony Todd) crimes, right? Let's take a look at which particular scene makes hardcore horror fans jump and why it has stayed with them ever since.

The scene in Cabrini Green

Reddit user u/getoffmybackgeez decided to take an age-old question to the platform by simply asking, "Does anyone else find Candyman (1992) to be one of the scariest films they've ever seen?" The user goes on to say that the movie scared them so much that they had to turn it off the first time they watched it. Paired with classic 1990s cinematography and an eerie score, the entire movie is creepy, and it seems like there's always a sinister presence, which there is, around every corner.

The scene that frightened this Reddit user into stopping the movie will seemingly be etched into their mind forever: When Helen is nosing around in Cabrini Green for some sort of sign that the legendary Candyman/Daniel Robitaille exists, she meets a little boy who is absolutely terrified that she's even talking about this man. He details to her how another little boy who lives in the area died, which isn't pleasant to listen to at all. The boy's description alone scared the Reddit user so badly that they couldn't finish the film until the next day, when the sun was up.

Another Reddit user, OneOfTheKingKoopas, replied by mentioning that the scene when Candyman whispers "Helen" in a parking lot, which is a small piece of the movie, is scary enough on its own, with another user agreeing. It's safe to say that Candyman hasn't lost its touch, and according to Collider, it remains one of the scariest horror films from the 1990s.