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The Surprising Amount That A Vintage Star Wars Phone Fetched On Pawn Stars

Vintage toys are never a rare site on History Channel's hit reality show, Pawn Stars. As a world-famous pawn shop, Rick Harrison, Big Hoss, and Chumlee often find themselves face to face with some of the most interesting collectible toys on the market. By this point, the boys are so familiar with toys that they can make some deals by themselves, no expert opinion required.

Such was the case for a certain toy brought in by a seller in Season 17's episode, "May the Pawn be with You." As the title suggests, this was a Star Wars-themed episode that featured store owner Rick taking a little vacation to a Star Wars event on a continent far far away. While Rick is off enjoying himself, Chumlee is left to hold down the fort. It just so happens that a customer brings in a vintage Star Wars toy for Chum to look at.

How Chumlee bought an Ewok phone for a steal

The toy in particular was a 1984 Ewok phone made by Kenner following the release of Return of the Jedi. The toy is clearly aimed at very young children, and it doesn't seem to be capable of making actual calls. Regardless, it could garner big bucks depending on its condition and rarity. Luckily, Chumlee inspects the phone and finds that it's in great condition. Everything from the box to the battery slot (two of the most-easily damaged areas on toys) are still looking good. Chumlee is willing to make a deal that he thinks will please his boss once he returns from his own Star Wars escapades.

Chumlee, the seller, and Wickett the Ewok phone haggle back and forth for a bit. The seller's initial offer of $175 is brought down by a hefty $100. However, he manages to work Chumlee back up to $95 for the toy, reasoning that Chumlee could make double that on a sale. Surprisingly, the seller isn't too far off. The same toy can be found on Ebay for $200. Chumlee takes the $95 offer and everyone walks away satisfied. Sadly, Chumlee doesn't get the excited response he expected from Rick upon showing the purchase. But then again, when is Rick ever proud of Chumlee?