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The Best Episode Of Queen Of The South, According To IMDb

It's easy to understand why IMDb fans rate Queen of the South episodes so high. The action-packed USA drama is full of explosions and guns. Lots and lots of guns. The heart of the series beats from the star, Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga), a cartel leader like no other. Though she deals in heavy quantities of illegal drugs and takes out those who get in the way of her business, her moral compass is rather high. She cares for her security team and treats them like family. When faced with the option to kill a minor foe, Teresa often thinks about how to accomplish her goal without the inevitability of murder — even though it usually happens anyway.

The final episode of season 4 has the highest rating of the series, with IMDb users considering it the all-time best episode of Queen of the South. Season 4 is packed with twists, turns, shock, and heartbreak: At the beginning of the season, Teresa and her crew are in a new city, having left the southwest and stomped into New Orleans. Always one to have the cover of a legitimate business, the cartel queen opens a bar where she sells her own tequila. The locals aren't too happy to have the Mexican beauty in town, and they make it known through intimidation and extortion. But Teresa is hip to every game that comes her way, and she continues to outmaneuver her enemies all the way through to the end of the season.

'Vienen por Ti': the best episode of Queen of the South

The English translation of Queen of the South's season 4 finale title is "They come for you." Who, specifically, is coming for Teresa is a big mystery in this final episode, given that she now has her hands in several illegal pots. In a season that sees Teresa lose her godson and wrestle with her inability to ever have a normal life, the final blows of the season are damaging. During her brief time in New Orleans, Teresa manages to piss off a crooked judge, a hometown gangster, and an eccentric drug dealer she hoped to do business with. Even her Sinaloa operator, Boaz (Joseph T. Campos), begins questioning her authority.

In "Vienen por Ti," Teresa's empire begins to crumble when Javier (Alfonso Herrera) confesses to the murder that ignited Teresa's war with New Orleans law. Faced with the decision to hand over Javier or lose the new business connection that will catapult the cartel, Teresa has one final tequila toast with Javier. Then, as the loyal guard faces his death, he decides to take his enemy down with him. Detective Randall Greene (Cory Hart) was the right hand to the crooked judge, and he killed the love of Javier's life. Tied up in the open trunk, Javier watches Randall set the car on fire then pulls the devious cop in with him, just as the car explodes. It's a moment of true loyalty to his love and his queen. One fan on IMDb called the episode intense, writing, "I watched with tension and tears in my eyes." No wonder IMDb users consider this the best episode of Queen of the South.

The season ends on a shocking cliffhanger with the appearance of fan-favorite James Valdez (Peter Gadiot). He's badly wounded and tells Teresa "They're coming for you." Fans won't have long to find out who is coming for Teresa, as season 5 of the hit series fast approaches.