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Dogs Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Dogs are just about the greatest thing on this planet. They keep us company, fetch our slippers, and provide us with unconditional love. Sure, they may urinate in the living room once in a while, but you just can't stay mad at those literal puppy-dog eyes. 

Just when you think you can't love canines any more, Netflix came out with a new docuseries, aptly titled Dogs. The six-episode first season follows six different stories centered on the bond between humans and dogs, such as a Syrian refugee who goes to great lengths and teams up with an animal welfare organization to smuggle his pooch, Zeus, out of Syria and into Germany where he's presently living. It's astonishing to see how far people will go for their dogs and how the animals are so much more than just pets. They're genuine friends. 

With the first litter of episodes coming out in 2018, it's only natural for some people to assume that was the end of it. However, back in 2019, Netflix announced it was bringing the show back for season 2 (via Variety). There hasn't been a lot of information about when that season could arrive, and it's starting to feel like Netflix only pretended to throw the ball while we went chasing after it. Here's everything we know about season 2 of Dogs so far. 

What's the release date for Dogs season 2?

Despite the renewal coming out in 2019, there still hasn't been any word of when we can expect new episodes of Dogs to premiere on the streaming service. As a docuseries that has to focus on several different stories involving pups, it likely takes a while to find the right subjects and film their journeys. We'd also be surprised if the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 didn't cause a lot of issues with production, preventing film crews from traveling around the world and following people around in close quarters for an extended period of time. 

It's unclear if the series was able to film anything prior to quarantine or if the stories they were going to tell are even still viable. Hopefully with restrictions becoming more lax, the series will be able to follow its subjects with a closer eye. We'd also say it's a safe bet season 2 will have at least one episode following a human whose dog helped them immensely when lockdowns went into effect. 

What kind of dogs will be in Dogs season 2?

With no official release date, there's also not currently any information about what kind of dogs we can expect to see. The first season gave us a Goldendoodle and an old labrador in addition to a slew of others. In the episode "Territorio de Zaguates," two people run a free-range animal shelter in Costa Rica where a bunch of dogs that have been abandoned run free. 

From chihuahuas to Bernese mountain dogs, every breed is on the table. It all comes down to what kind of pooches people submitted when the Dogs season 2 announcement first came out. E! Online reported that anyone from around the globe could bring their dog to the creators attention to try to get them featured on the series. All people had to do was share their doggie's story via Instagram or Twitter using the tags @netflixdogs or #netflixdogstory, respectively. Hopefully, it won't be too long until we see which dogs made the cut.

What locations will be in Dogs season 2?

One of the best things about watching Dogs season 1 involved seeing how people from different countries and cultures interact with their dogs. While some differences are to be expected, one thing remained constant — there are dog lovers all over the globe. On the episode "Scissors Down," we had the chance to watch Kenichi and Miki, two dog groomers from Japan, as they travel to the United States for a competition where their unique style clashes with that typically seen in the states. 

From Italy to Ohio, the first season was an international affair. No specific locations have bee announced yet for Dogs season 2, but we'd expect next season to take a similar global approach. It proved to be an effective way to not just tell more interesting stories but showcase how loving dogs is a universal experience as Justin Kirkland of Esquire Magazine wrote in his review of the first season, "Dogs is so effective in its approach. For a few hours, it doesn't matter what language you speak or exactly what box you marked during the last election."

These dogs come from all walks of life, but they're all very good boys.