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Naruto's Complicated Nature Transformation Combos Explained

Naruto is full of impressive techniques, but some of the most powerful ones are rooted in Nature Transformation Combinations. Yet to understand how two or three different Nature Transformations could be combined, there needs to be an understanding of their unique relationship. There are five basic Nature Transformations based on the elements: fire, earth, wind, water, and lighting. And as noted in this CBR article, the relationship between the transformations is all about balance. For instance, one nature transformation could weaken or strengthen another, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As Kakashi and Yamato explain to Naruto in Chapter #321 of the manga, Nature Transformation is one technique often combined with Shape Transformation. Nature Transformation changes the properties of chakra, while Shape Transformation changes the form and movement. As Kakashi further explains, the combo of Nature and Shape is how he's able to perform the Chidori. He uses the lighting element for the chakra property and uses Shape to form or alter its length and discharge from his hand. Within the same manga chapter, Naruto uses this lesson from his teachers to eventually form the Wind Rasengan. It's a powerful technique for Naruto, who is soon able to use it as one of his most signature moves in further battles, including his incredible fight against Pain.

Nature Transformation Combinations lead to some of the most powerful techniques

Some of the series' most skilled characters also use Nature Transformation Combinations, which are powerful attacks formed from the combination of Nature Transformations. In the Naruto manga Chapter #316, Yamato shows this technique to Naruto by detailing the breakdown of his Wood Release Jutsu. As he tells Naruto, there technically is no such thing as a Wood Nature Transformation. Instead, he uses Earth Transformation in his right hand and Water Nature Transformation in his left hand to come up with his signature Wood Release ability. As Kakashi explains in the same chapter, Yamato possesses a Kekkei Genkai, which is an anomaly in his DNA that allows him to use and combine the two Nature Transformations. Kekkei Genkai are passed down generationally throughout different clans. For example, Haku had a Kekkei Genkai that allowed him to use his Ice Style attacks in his battle against Naruto and Sasuke early in the series.

Yet there are some characters that are also able to use a combination of three Nature Transformations. This three-part combination is due to the more advanced form of Kekkei Genkai called Kekkei Tota, and the most well-known is the Dust Release technique from the Third Tsushikage, Onoki. Onoki debuts this technique in Chapter #466 against Sasuke. The Transformation combines Fire, Wind, and Earth to essentially reduce its victim into nothing but particles of dust.

Suffice to say, with the right balance and control of Nature Transformations, characters can come up with the most awesome and innovative combos.