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The Most Terrifying Horror Movie Villain To Come Out Of The '70s

The 1970s brought horror fans a lot of great films that are now considered to be a part of "The Golden Age" of the horror movie genre. This era of frightening films was, undoubtedly, bolstered by the success John Carpenter's Halloween amassed, and from then on, horror movies featuring villains with similarly rich back stories and filming that featured the villain's point of view started popping up everywhere. Even though some of the most memorable movies of that era may not be the best of them, they have since received a cult following and a spot in horror movie history that cannot be erased.

Depending on who is involved in the conversation, sorting out the best and most terrifying horror villain to come out of that decade is difficult because there are so many. We have Damien from The Omen, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and even the ominous Pazuzu in The Exorcist, but according to the folks over at WhatCulture, the scariest horror movie villain to come out of the '70s is ...

Michael Myers is the ultimate horror movie villain

This might come as a surprise to some fans since there are a ton of contenders that could have taken the spot, but there isn't anyone quite like the professional lurker, Michael Myers. Everything about him is terrifying, down to the way his mask provides no emotion, whatsoever. For forty years now, Michael Myers has been reigning terror on unsuspecting victims, and it all started when he was only a boy. 

With seemingly superhuman abilities, Myers was able to not only escape a mental institution when he was older, but he also had the uncanny ability of evading death over and over again, even though the movies depict him as a human being. Any weapon used on Myers is useless, and, since he started killing at such a young age, his sociopathic behavior makes him all the more terrifying for audiences. As John Carpenter explained in an interview with CBS via We Got This Covered, "I wanted the audience not to know whether he was human or supernatural. He had no character. He was blank. He was simply evil. He's like the wind, he's out there. He's gonna get you."

It's easy to agree with WhatCulture on the fact that the heavy breathing ploy is, and always was, one of the creepiest characteristics about this villain, and even though the horror industry continues to come up with new and terrifying slashers, there's just no way Michael Myers can ever be replaced.