The Worst Part Of The Ink Master Seasons According To Fans

Ink Master was a reality competition show that aired on Spike between 2012 and 2020. As the name implies, the show featured groups of tattoo artists competing against each other to win a grand prize. In standard competition format, contestant's creations were evaluated by accomplished judges before they moved on to the next round. The show aired for 13 seasons before Paramount Network canceled it amid several race-related controversies concerning the show's judges.

The show achieved a fair amount of success over the course of its runtime. After all, it did air for 13 seasons straight, and it survived Spike's rebranding into the Paramount Network. However, fans weren't always pleased with certain portions of the show. In a Reddit thread posted last month, fans detailed exactly what parts of the show seemed to rub them the wrong way. In particular, they were displeased with the level of drama the show often indulged in during its live finales.

Ink Master finales: What's not to like?

"I'm on season 3 and the finale is honestly f**ing embarrassing," wrote the original poster, user u/dorkaxe. "They focus on creating so much drama. It's hard to watch."

Another user backed up this opinion, saying, "Season 3's live finale was all over the place seemed to follow the formula of: start sh*t, one sided trash talk, the other person gets a brief chance to respond, then 'sorry got to move it along.'"

Unfortunately, this seems to be a regular part of the show in seasons both before and after the third one. Several other users responded by saying that the finales only get much worse and that they are "awkward and forced."

In general, fans prefer the portions of the show that are dedicated to tattooing, rather than drama. This makes sense considering the show is about tattoo artists. Fans likely come to see cool designs and learn more about the process, not to watch people argue.

"I usually skip the talking parts and look at the tattoos," wrote Redditor u/rinny127. "[The finales are] definitely the worst episodes of each season."

Unfortunately, fans will receive no more tattooing or drama for the foreseeable future, at least where Ink Master is concerned. After photos of judge Oliver Peck in blackface were released, Ink Master became one of many shows canceled in 2020. The photos, combined with the Paramount Network's second rebranding into the Paramount Movie Channel, seemed to be the final nail in Ink Master's coffin as its network refocused toward producing TV movies.