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The Real Reason Billy Crudup Just Dropped Out Of The Flash Movie

The premiere of Zack Snyder's Justice League, a.k.a. "The Snyder Cut," is just days away, so now's a good time to get a head start on the hype for DC's upcoming offerings. The next Justice League member to get their own spinoff movie will be the Flash. It was originally going to premiere in June 2022, but after COVID-19 jumbled up Warner Bros.' release calendar, it got pushed to November 4, 2022 (via Variety).

Fans of the Scarlet Speedster will definitely be psyched to see his standalone movie after he got little screen time in Justice League. So far the plot details have been scarce, but per The Hollywood Reporter, the story will involve the Flash traveling back in time to prevent the death of his mother, which will of course have unintended consequences for his timeline. 

As for casting, Ezra Miller will once again be donning the red suit to play Barry Allen, while Kiersey Clemons will also be reprising her Justice League role as the Flash's girlfriend, Iris West. Maribel Verdú has just been announced for the role of Barry's mom, Nora Allen. Billy Crudup had been slated to appear as Barry's father, but now the role will need to be recast.

Billy Crudup is a busy guy

It all comes down to scheduling, and the effects of the pandemic on show business. Now that productions are opening back up again in both the United States and internationally, studios have to juggle the production schedules for several projects that were delayed. Some actors are forced to choose between projects, as a result.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Crudup had to drop out because he's also filming The Morning Show for Apple TV+. Most actors would jump at the chance to star in a superhero movie, but Crudup won an Emmy for playing Cory Ellison, the president of the show's fictional broadcast network, so that juicy role is likely a high priority for him.

Warner Bros. hasn't yet announced who's under consideration to replace Crudup. It's not the first time the studio has had to consider replacing him, though. Back in 2017, Crudup was also rumored to be dropping out of the role of Henry Allen, before it was confirmed he'd stay. Hopefully someone at Warner Bros. kept the list of possible Crudup replacements.