Sam And Bucky Have A Hilarious Argument In New Falcon And Winter Soldier Teaser

WandaVision, the first proper Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series, ended up becoming a major hit for Disney. While a number of canonical Marvel TV series aired prior, like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC and Daredevil on Netflix, WandaVision was the first to feature major characters first introduced on the big screen as its leads. Disney is now set to follow up the successful WandaVision with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

The most recent trailer for the series teased the villainous Baron Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter, aka Agent 13, a descendent of Captain America's longtime love interest, Peggy Carter. It's Sam and Bucky, however, who are set to serve as the series' main attractions. Whereas both characters have until now more or less been relegated to the sidelines, they're primed to become the driving force behind the upcoming series bearing their names. In an episode of super-spicy buffalo wing interview show Hot Ones, Falcon actor Anthony Mackie expressed his excitement at the chance to delve deeper into Sam Wilson as a character in his lead role. And today, on Twitter, Marvel gave fans a closer look at the dynamic between Sam and Bucky, and their comedic rapport in particular.

Dr. Strange, Wizard Supreme

In Marvel's new teaser, reconnaissance by Falcon's remote drone Redwing incites an argument between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. While exactly what or who Redwing has seen isn't quite explained within the confines of the clip, Bucky doesn't believe them to a threat whereas Sam is certain they're part of "the big three." Bucky has no idea what Sam is talking about, so Sam explains that his big three includes "androids, aliens, and wizards," elaborating that "every time we fight, we fight one of the three."

There's no such thing as a "big three" by Bucky's estimation. "Who are we fighting now," Bucky asks. "Gandalf?" Sam is surprised that Bucky, whose memory was once manipulated by HYDRA, has any knowledge of the Lord of The Rings series. Bucky explains that he read The Hobbit when it was first released in 1937, naturally.

While Sam thinks Gandalf is proof enough of his big three totally being a thing, Bucky's still unconvinced. Sam proposes Dr. Strange as an example of a wizard. Bucky corrects Sam: Dr. Strange is a sorcerer. "A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat," Sam counters before admitting it was an idea that, while compelling, he came up with on the spot. The two then run off into battle against what may or may not be a robotic wizard-alien. The clip's full context should be revealed following the March 19 premiere date of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.