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Here's How You Can Watch Every Episode Of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Anime isn't just for kids. It's one of the many things that people get wrong about the medium, and there's no better example of this misconception than Neon Genesis Evangelion.

While the '90s brought notable series like Dragon Ball Z and Cowboy BebopNeon Genesis Evangelion always stood out from the pack. The series takes place in the post-apocalyptic capital of Japan that has been renamed Tokyo-3. The events that led to mass destruction and chaos came in the form of enormous creatures known as "Angels" that show no mercy when taking down various structures and causing widespread panic. However, all of this changes when Shinji, a teenage boy, is forced by his military father to pilot a biomechanical robot known as Evangelion in order to combat the Angels. With Shinji and the Evangelion in sync, humanity has a fighting chance against the Angels, but there are other sinister plots at play that Shinji uncovers with each Angel he takes down.

As a mecha anime, the series mainly focuses on giant robots beating the absolute crap out of other larger beings, but Neon Genesis is so much more than your average Gundam. The sheer philosophical density of the show's ambitious premise is enough to overwhelm most casual viewers. Even though the plot can seem at times opaque, the show has earned widespread critical acclaim and a near mythic standing in the canon. In the decades since its initial run, it's become "a cultural touchstone for Japan," according to Rotten Tomatoes. For anime fans who want to revisit this iconic series, or new viewers who want to experience the show, here's where you can watch every episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

All of Neon Genesis Evangelion is available on one streaming platform

Despite its notoriety, Neon Genesis Evangelion is only available to stream on Netflix. The series has been on the platform for almost two years, but that long run of availability isn't likely to last forever-ever. Fans who are seeking a convenient viewing experience that involves having every episode at their disposal — Netflix is going to be your best bet. Additionally, all 26 episodes of the series are dubbed, which should please viewers who aren't enthusiastic about reading subtitles.

However, fans of the original series might not be pleased with this particular collection of episodes. Upon incorporating Neon Genesis Evangelion into its library, Netflix did add a couple of tweaks to various episodes. From removing swears to outright redubbing the show, the streaming platform did indeed take some creative liberties that many may consider to be just as controversial as the show's ending. These changes may be a point of contention with fans who enjoyed the series' first run, but new viewers who've never seen the original show might not even notice these differences. Regardless, the entire series is readily available with a Netflix subscription.

After that, you can get into the follow-up films ... which are a whole other can of worms.