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The Basketball Docuseries That's Taking Over Netflix's Top 10

For five seasons, Last Chance U followed various junior college football programs around the country where many of the players have had to contend with academic problems and/or family issues. Throughout their respective seasons, the players have one more chance to land a spot at a national program and to merely find their places in this crazy world. 

While football has been the name of the game for this series so far, it's changing its perspective in the newest spin-off – Last Chance U: Basketball. It's one of the most engaging offerings Netflix has to offer in the entire month of March, and it follows much of the same structure if you're familiar with the previous series. Various junior college basketball players have similar goals of playing ball at a higher level, but they'll have to overcome one obstacle after the next if they're going to become the next Steph Curry, or at the very least earn a college degree. 

Last Chance U: Basketball has already dribbled its way up Netflix's Top 10, so you don't want to miss out on the cultural conversation. Whether basketball is your favorite sport or you just love watching an underdog story of people overcoming adversity to attain success, then this docuseries is right up your alley, especially if you've needed something to watch since Ballers ended.

Last Chance U: Basketball offers an inspiring story about recognizing young students' potential

The latest installment of Last Chance U takes viewers to a junior college in East Los Angeles with a group of players hoping to reach the next stage of their professional careers while battling their own demons. One of the most heartbreaking stories viewers follow throughout the season is that of Deshaun: He lost his mother at a young age, and he's had to contend with anger issues as a result of it, sometimes even facing other players on the court who will bring up his mother's death as a way to get to him psychologically. He and the rest of the team are led by coach John Mosley, who not only teaches these kids how to play the game but how to be alright after the final buzzer goes off. 

Last Chance U has always been a critically acclaimed series, but it manages to hit a new high with its most recent offering. Even if you're new to this show, you can just jump right into the most recent season and immediately get wrapped up in the trials and tribulations these college students have to face. Jack Seale of The Guardian offers some of the highest praise for the show, going so far as to say, "It is here that the intimacy and intensity of basketball — with nowhere to hide on that small court, or in a tightly woven squad of 16 players — brings this season of Last Chance U to an emotional pitch that the show has not always been able to hit."

Not only that, but it's exciting to think about where the show could go from here. Could Last Chance U: Volleyball or Last Chance U: Gymnastics be far behind? For now, you can get invested in Last Chance U: Basketball, streaming now on Netflix.