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Cruel Summer Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

The highly anticipated Freeform series "Cruel Summer" is unconventional, fresh, and executive-produced by Jessica Biel. "Cruel Summer" is classified as a psychological thriller that will center around a small-town mystery in Texas, a missing girl, and events that span over three summers in the mid-1990s. 

Because Biel was once a child star in the beloved show 7th Heaven, she mentions in an interview with Deadline that, "This is a project that I would have wanted to do if I was their age. I would have loved to play one of those characters." She goes on to say that she's very proud that she gets the chance to be a part of this generational show that talks about "some intense, hard things that these young people are going through." So now that we've talked up the show, what do we know about what's to come? Check it all out below:

Is there a release date for Cruel Summer?

The psychological thriller aired a two-hour event premiere via Freeform on April 20, and became available to stream on Hulu or to purchase from Amazon Video the next day. So far, viewers and critics alike have been there for it.

The exciting announcement about the extended premiere was originally made during a Television Critics Association event with Jessica Biel and additional executive producers Bert V. Royal and Michelle Purple sitting in on Freeform's panel. It was at this event that they provided an exclusive look at the upcoming show as well.

Season 1 will continue to air on Tuesdays at 10 p.m., with streaming availability the following day on Hulu for free with subscription or Amazon for pay. The special gave viewers the first look into how far down the rabbit hole goes, and this is one series that looks to be a doozy.

Who is cast in Cruel Summer?

The Season 1 premiere debuted a whole host of young actors involved in the mysterious surroundings of this small Texas town. Olivia Holt, known for her role in "Cloak & Dagger," will play Kate Wallis, the popular girl who goes missing. She is also joined by Chiara Aurelia ("Tell Me Your Secrets"), the nerdy girl who is allegedly connected to Kate's disappearance, Michael Landes ("Angel Has Fallen"), Froy Gutierrez ("Teen Wolf"), Harley Quinn Smith ("Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"), Allius Barnes ("Thumper"), Blake Lee ("Parks and Recreation"), and Brooklyn Sudano ("Taken").

This cast is solid and have the skills to bring their roles to life throughout the two-hour special and the highly anticipated season. Aurelia, who plays Jeanette, stated in an interview that, "I have such great people that I'm working with who make it so easy to hop around." Aurelia also mentioned that her character's downfall will be a key topic in "Cruel Summer" and that, "It becomes harder for her to be the pure person she was."

What is the plot of Cruel Summer?

The story is set in a small town and centers around two young women who are from two different worlds. The show will begin in the year 1993 and span across three summers, seemingly ending in 1995. The story will be told from different viewpoints, and characters, about who is involved in and responsible for the mystery that has invaded this small Texas town.

The story focuses on the disappearance of Kate Wallis, who is beautiful and popular, and Jeanette Turner (Aurelia), a high school wannabe who is accused of being responsible for Wallis' disappearance. In the trailer, it seems as through Turner is suspect number one, but is Kate really who she presents herself to be? Is Turner's fall from a normal high school girl to the most hated young woman in the United States really deserved? Viewers will find out soon enough on Freeform or Hulu as each episode unveils more secrets and more clues to what happened to Kate Wallis.