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What Edition Of Dungeons & Dragons Do Rick And Morty Play?

When Rick and Morty joined forces with Dungeons & Dragons in 2018 to create a comic book series, fans of both the show and the game were quick to get their hands on the first issue. One of the series' creators, Jim Zub, even tweeted that the coming together of the two was akin to combining "Chocolate + Peanut Butter."

It's fitting that the show would have its own Dungeons & Dragons-based comic (to pair with the actual Rick and Morty-themed tabletop game) because Rick and Morty co-creator, Dan Harmon, is quite open about his love for D&D. He had a recurring Dungeons & Dragons segment on his Harmontown podcast, which subsequently led to the creation of the D&D-based television show HarmonQuest.

Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons was created by Zub, Name of the Wind author Patrick Rothfuss, and Troy Little. It starts with Morty realizing that he could be attractive to girls at school if he only learned this cool fantasy role-playing game. Morty then steps into a game store, and after being invited by one of the store's employees to play, realizes he must learn the ins and outs of the world very quickly. After failing to educate himself, he enlists the help of (who else?) his genius, mad scientist, alcoholic grandfather, Rick. Rick then brings Morty into a real-life Dungeons & Dragons game, and that's where the real adventure begins. No word on whether or not it counted as one of Morty's chosen adventures.

So what editions of the game do Rick and Morty play in the comic series? The answer is "all of them, except the one that everyone hates."

Rick and Morty play editions 1-3 and 5

Since the game's original release in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons has created various editions. Up until 2014, there have been five major editions published. In Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons the characters play all but the 4th edition.

In the first issue, Rick and Morty play the 1st edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and as the series progresses they move through the different editions that have been created throughout the years. According to CBR, the series "involves a foray into 1st Edition where Morty sits in a garage with a group of old men. Rick then makes a virtual reality simulation where they experience 2nd Edition, which ends with both of them dying. What neither of them expect is Summer and Beth joining in on their game playing as they explore 3rd Edition."

In issue #3 a reference was made to the 4th edition of D&D, which Zub tweeted with the commentary, "Rick didn't say if 4e was good or bad, he just said we don't _talk_ about it..." The 4th edition is often ranked the worst. "There's quite a bit wrong with 4e, mostly stemming from issues with classes in the version," Gamerant says.The series then goes into the 5th and current edition of D&D as the comic series progresses.