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The Most Unfortunate Character On Trailer Park Boys According To Fans

In Trailer Park Boys, virtually no one is ever capable of leaving the orbit of series stalwarts Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles unscathed. Almost every season of Trailer Park Boys, starting with its first, opens with Ricky and Julian (drink in hand) and sometimes others in jail, from which they're promptly released. The schemes, scams, and otherwise debaucherous behaviors that ultimately land them there are rarely without their fair share of victims. That said, the innocence of said victims generally varies from case to case. Some are almost entirely blameless, while others, like recurring villain Cyrus, have done their share of misdeeds prior.

Park officer Jim Lahey is occasionally an innocent victim of the boys' wrongdoing. More often than not, however, Lahey is up to no good himself or is even a contributor to a Ricky and Julian scam. Given his occasional culpability and otherwise general mischievousness, Lahey ranks relatively low on the scale of misfortune of those exploited by Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. On the other end of that spectrum is Sam Losco, who many users of the official Trailer Park Boys subreddit have determined to be the most unfortunate character in the series' history.

The saddest caveman

Sam Losco has been a fixture of Trailer Park Boys for most of its run. He first appeared in its debut season in 2001 and continued to pop up throughout, most recently in its 11th season in 2017. Sam, a veterinarian in his first appearance, is initially hired by the boys to take a look at an elderly trailer park resident's dog due to it eating a plate of weed brownies. Later, the boys quickly equate his veterinary knowledge with medical expertise and task him with removing bullets from Ricky following multiple gunshot wounds.

As a result of the boys' meddling and misuse of his medical knowledge, Sam Losco promptly loses his veterinary license. Without his practice, he soon takes up residence in the trailer park. However, after a campaign running for Jim Lahey's trailer park supervisor position is thwarted by the boys, Sam's life goes even further south. He ultimately moves into some nearby woods. Sam Losco is, by the boys' estimation, a caveman. This infuriates Sam but remains the name by which he's most frequently referred. Sam's trajectory ultimately lands him in a cave without access to typical hygienic products, progressively turning him more and more caveman-like. Fortunately, Sam never quite resorts to cannibalism like some historical cavemen.

Thus, despite his best efforts, Sam becomes beaten down, dejected, and caveman-ified over the course of the series. However, this is never due to maliciousness but simply being drawn into the boys' orbit by their inescapable gravity. Thus, given a lack of culpability unique to Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles' frequent victims, Sam Losco is, as determined by Reddit, the series' most innocent victim.