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Mrs. Fletcher Season 2 Might Not Happen. Here's Why

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Kathryn Hahn stars in the HBO show Mrs. Fletcher, which premiered in October 2019. She plays a divorced mother, Eve Fletcher, who finds herself completely on her own again when her son takes off for college. Unsure of who she is as an individual anymore, without her husband and son, she finds herself in the midst of a midlife crisis. This leads to her exploring her sexuality in new ways and finding the kind of fulfillment she feels she missed out on in her younger years.

The series received fairly positive reviews all around — it has an 82 percent Tomatometer and a 75 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Hahn especially received much of the praise; The AV Club wrote of her performance, "Hahn injects specificity into the role, turning those broader strokes into much finer ones with a performance that teems with emotion but also sensuality."

Despite a good reception from both critics and audiences, Mrs. Fletcher may not get a second season. Here's what we know about the possibility.

The future of Mrs. Fletcher is unclear

Some outlets — such as Vulture or even Rotten Tomatoes — have referred to Mrs. Fletcher as a limited or miniseries, which makes the possibility of another season seem like it isn't an option. The declaration from these outlets likely stems from the fact that Mrs. Fletcher is based on a book by Tom Perotta, which does not have a sequel. This means that a second season would have to stray from its source material, which is not unheard of — and in fact is exactly what happened with another Perotta book, The Leftovers, which received three seasons on HBO.

HBO's President of Programming, Casey Bloys, spoke to Deadline about a potential season 2. Bloys explained that they approached the story as something that "lives in [Perotta's] brain more than any other," implying they wouldn't want to develop beyond Perotta's book. "As with any of these, if the story presents itself, we'll be open, but my gut is that the limited series was the right call," Bloys continued.

As for Perotta himself, he's expressed interest in the story going further. "This ending is an ending of an arc, not an ending of a life. So, yes, I think there's more room," he told IndieWire. And Hahn has also expressed her interest in continuing Eve's story. She also spoke with IndieWire, saying that while she thinks that it's "a beautiful piece on its own," she feels that "clearly, there is so much more story to be told."

This is a lot of up-in-the-air information, but the consensus seems to be that while those involved are interested, HBO viewed this endeavor as a miniseries. Hopefully the right story "presents itself" and Mrs. Fletcher can return for another season.