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Marvel Fans Are Feeling All The Feels After WandaVision's Finale

Spoiler warning: WandaVision finale spoilers ahead

It's been an emotional couple of months for MCU fans, but the nine-week answer to the question "how is Marvel going to justify dressing up Elizabeth Olsen like a 5-foot 6-inch staple remover?" has finally run its course. We finally have explanations for a lot of what's occurred: Wanda's not a mutant, Pietro's not Pietro, and the Vision, despite being sadness, hope, and love personified, still has the intellectual wherewithal to beat his milky doppelgänger in a round of Captain-Kirk-versus-the-Supercomputer logic puzzles.

Throughout WandaVision, viewers have had their share of psychological whiplash — what with the child torture, puppy death, and Monica Rambeau of it all — but nothing, it seems, could have properly prepared them for the series finale. In the hours following the show's final bow, devotees took to social media to work through their feelings, which ran the gamut from absolute delight to the sort of despair that cannot be salved, save by the promise that Falcon and the Winter Soldier starts in two weeks. Here, let's unpack the turmoil and look at some of the fans' feels, from delight at seeing Wanda performing astral projection to the agony of another day without the X-Men.

So Mephisto never showed up in WandaVision

Among the more prevalent responses on Twitter was an insistence that Marvel Studios pay for its fans' collective therapy following the death of Vision, Tommy, and Billy. "I miss them already, please bring them back," wrote Twitter user @illicitsffairs of the departed kids. Others posted screencaps of the synthezoid's final moments, punctuated by endless ellipsis chains of weeping emoji. That a reconfigured Vision is out there somewhere and the twins' return is foreshadowed in WandaVison's post-credits scene offered no comfort. "Do you think you can hurt me?" @lovsscarpenter tweeted. "You can't, I watched the final episode of WandaVision, nothing hurts more than this episode."

The internet continued its love affair with hating Director Heyward in the wake of his decision to fire a gun at two children — he even had the nerve to empty his entire clip. While most responses to his life choices contained language that bar them from being repeated here, user @ApokolipsPimp cynically observed that the "Most unrealistic part of the wandavision finale is Heyward getting arrested," instead insisting "if anything he'd been promoted for shooting two superkids."

Meanwhile, fans seemed to feel most excited at the prospect of Wanda's return in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. Her new costume, as well as her status as potentially the most powerful sorcerer in the MCU, definitely gives fans something to look forward to when Multiverse of Madness hits theaters in March 2022. But the biggest takeaway came when precisely zero WandaVision fan theories came true — no mutants, no Mephisto, no Benedict Cumberbatch. The Mister Rogers clown mask memes were in full force, but the best response came from one user who simply posted an image of Captain America against a white background in a Spider-Man: Homecoming PSA, with the caption "So none of your WandaVision theories actually happened." Sometimes, it's hard not to want to punch that guy in his perfect teeth.