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The Logical Parks And Recreation Friendship We Never Got To See

The Parks and Recreation cast has always enchanted fans with its immature antics. Part of the reason why some of the sitcom's characters established themselves as fan favorites is because of scenes where they abandon adulthood and act like kids. It's what makes the deadpan and seemingly harshly aloof April Ludgate relatable and leads to many hilarious events throughout the series. 

For instance, Leslie Knope may be a serious career politician, but her favorite food is waffles with whipped cream. Likewise, there's not a single character in Pawnee who doesn't have an infatuation for the town's prize pony, Lil' Sebastian. Even the stern and serious Ron Swanson cries when the pony dies midway through the series.

Fans love it even more when two childish characters end up forming a relationship. The romances between Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate, as well as Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt both made up major plot lines on the series. However, there's two particularly immature characters who never establish a rapport. 

Why Bobby Newport and Andy Dwyer should have been friends

Parks and Recreation fans have always gravitated towards characters with a childlike attitude and rambunctious behavior. Just look at Andy Dwyer, the loveable man-child played by Chris Pratt. Andy's character was originally supposed to leave the show permanently after Ann Perkins breaks up with him in Season 1. Both the show's fans and creators, however, loved Andy so much that they turned him into a core cast member for the rest of the series.

Fans never got tired of Andy, either. Ranker has him listed as the second most popular character according to fan vote. That's why it's a shame that Andy Dwyer never linked up with Parks and Recreation's other loveable man-child, Bobby Newport, played by Paul Rudd in one of his best on-screen performances.

Neither character is the brightest light in the lamp store, but they make up for it with their amusing antics and unrelenting (often naive) optimism. They both love goofing around and playing with toys. Bobby Newport prefers playing virtual bowling on Xbox to the real thing. Meanwhile, Andy bought a marshmallow shooter specifically to shoot his sleeping girlfriend in the face. The two are of the same breed, and would be closer than peas in a pod. If only they ever met during the show's runtime.