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Leverage: Redemption - What We Know So Far

It's been nearly a decade since the Leverage Consulting & Associates team was disbanded, but now most of the gang is reuniting for Leverage: Redemption, a follow-up to the popular TNT caper series. While the Leverage revival was first announced in April 2020, details have been scarce due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but it seems the long wait for news on what's next for Eliot, Parker, Hardison, and Sophie is almost over.

The new series, which will be available on Amazon's free streaming service IMDb TV, has officially wrapped filming as of March 2021, according to recurring star Aldis Hodge. In a recent interview with Collider, Hodge shared fresh details about the revival including its official title: Leverage: Redemption. What he didn't share was when the show will be released, although it sounds like it could be on track to premiere at some point in 2021.

Still, any news about the Leverage reboot is good news for fans who have eagerly been awaiting the return of the do-gooder team of grifters and thieves. Read on to discover everything we know about Leverage's long-awaited return so far.

When will Leverage: Redemption premiere on IMDb TV?

Leverage: Redemption's premiere date is still TBD at this point, but the first season appears to have wrapped filming in New Orleans at some point during fall 2020. Originally, the show was supposed to begin production in June 2020, as reported by Deadline. But COVID-19 led to the filming start date being pushed to August 4.

Thankfully, the actors chronicled much of the filming process via their respective social media feeds so fans could follow along with the show's progress. From table reads to behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, the cast and crew have been sharing plenty of photos from the set. However, they've been careful not to give too much away plot-wise, ensuring the 13-episode first season will be full of surprises.

As for when the new season of Leverage will premiere on IMDb TV, it seems likely that it will arrive at some point in 2021. We'll know more once the first teaser drops for the show, which fingers crossed, will be in the not-so-distant future.

Who will star in the Leverage revival?

Not only is Leverage's original creative team of Dean Devlin, John Rogers, and Chris Downey spearheading the revival, most of the show's original cast is returning as well. Confirmed stars include Beth Riesgraf (Parker), Gina Bellman (Sophie), and Christian Kane (Eliot). Additionally, Hodge will return on a recurring basis as hacker Alec Hardison. In his interview with Collider, Hodge declined to comment on how many episodes he would appear in, but he did suggest fans would be pleased by how much of Hardison they'll be seeing in Leverage: Redemption.

"I can't speak to it directly, but I will be in several episodes. I was hoping to do more, but quarantine," he said. "But I'll be in a few episodes, but I can't speak to specifics. It will be a splashy surprise. I dip in and I dip out."

The only original cast member who won't be returning is Timothy Hutton, who played the former team leader Nathan Ford. Hutton recently faced sexual assault allegations, which he has denied (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Meanwhile, the show's cast will include at least two new additions. ER and The Librarians star Noah Wyle is set to play former corporate lawyer Harry Sullivan, who is now looking for redemption after years of working for wealthy people who abuse their power. Additionally, TVLine confirmed Charmed's Aleyse Shannon will star as Breanna Casey, Hardison's adopted sister who is following in his footsteps as a hacker.

What will Leverage: Redemption be about?

The original Leverage was a revenge story at its core, but the new series will be all about redemption, as the title suggests. "Our new series with Amazon Studios and IMDb TV is a re-imagining of the original premise," Devlin said, according to Deadline. "While Leverage centered on a crusade to avenge the death of a child, this series is propelled forward as a redemption story of misdeeds that need amends."

According to the official synopsis, the show will include episodes featuring the team taking on a man who helped create the opioid crisis for his own gain, a security firm that makes people's problems disappear, and a wealthy woman who has workers deported to avoid paying them for their work. The plot teases suggest that while the new Leverage will be its own show, it will stick with the classic series' penchant for focusing on cases of the week. The one thing we know for sure? At some point Marsters and Kane will be hitting the links together, as confirmed by the first set of production stills published by TV Line. Just what their outing will entail is anyone's guess, but it's likely not just a friendly round of golf.

It's clear everyone involved is passionate about ensuring Leverage stays true to the spirit of the original show. Now all that's left is for IMDb TV and Amazon to announce when viewers can expect to see the team back in action.