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Why This New Walking Dead Character Is Changing The Way Fans Watch

The Walking Dead's 10th season is currently underway, with the latest batch of episodes is being classified as season 10C. The six episodes concluding the 10th season were never planned to be part of its story; these episodes of The Walking Dead were a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic is hampering the film and television industries, the show's producers instead opted to release six episodes that are markedly less ambitious in scale.

The Walking Dead's season 10C introduced the Reapers as a new villainous faction. While the group remains somewhat mysterious, a couple of key points have been revealed about them thus far: they're murderous and they appear to benefit from a degree of military training. And, following the 17th episode of season 10, titled "Home Sweet Home," it turns out that some viewers are changing the way they watch the series in order to understand a key story moment.

What did the Reaper say on The Walking Dead?

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, it's revealed members of the Reapers ransacked the home base of the recently-returned Maggie, killing off some of her allies. When Maggie and co. confront a member of the Reapers, he's outfitted in a full ghillie suit. While the ghillie-suited man is introduced to foreshadow an oncoming conflict with the Reapers, he's also responsible for altering how many viewers are watching the show: they're turning on closed captioning. 

According to a thread on Reddit, some viewers have reported difficulty understanding what the character said prior to detonating himself. "Anyone catch what Ghillie-man said?" user sinsculpt asked, adding "The audio mix is STILL a problem." Fortunately user Breezy9401 provided an answer — and its source. "'Pope marked you' – according to closed captioning. Plenty of redditors chimed in with what they thought the man's line was, some of which are pretty far out there. One user even thought the ghillie-suited character could have been a member of a group with its own language, "like the trash people from a few seasons back." But maybe it was just that the audio was trash.