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This Is The Most Emotional Scene In The Office, According To Fans

There's a reason The Office continues to maintain a dedicated fan base eight years after the final episode aired. The show was jam-packed with jokes that are so well-timed they still hold up to this day, even if you've seen every episode multiple times already (via NewYorker). From the litany of pranks pulled off by Jim (John Krasinski) to Michael Scott (Steve Carell) regularly showing his incompetence, the series may have been ridiculous, but it also managed to encapsulate the wide breadth of people you probably know at your own place of work. 

You can watch every episode of The Office on Peacock that also features a ton of bonus features and bloopers if you want to laugh even harder; however, as is the case with any sitcom, it's not all fun and laughter. There's a real emotional connection among all of these kooky characters that's enough to really tug at your heartstrings. 

Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim's wedding was about as perfect as you can get after going through the "will they or won't they" of their relationship over the years. Plenty of viewers could relate to the heartbreak Pam experienced when no one showed up at her art show only for Michael Scott to visit her at the very end to restore her confidence, but according to Reddit, not even those moments hold a candle to what's generally seen as the most emotional moment in the show's history. 

Michael Scott's finale appearance made more than few people tear up

Due to a series of miscommunications, Steve Carell ended up leaving The Office in the middle of season 7, resulting in another tear-jerking moment where Pam races to the airport to see Michael Scott leave to start a new life with his fiance, Holly (Amy Ryan), away from Scranton, Pennsylvania. The series carried on without him, but without Michael there to offer his signature brand of cringe comedy and "That's what she said" inappropriateness to anything that could potentially be a double entendre, it just wasn't the same. 

In the lead-up to the finale, there was no mention whether Michael would return, which is why it was so emotional for numerous Office fans to see him come back to serve as Dwight's (Rainn Wilson) best man at his wedding. One such Redditor posted a meme depicting the moment that likely made millions of viewers get emotional as Jim reveals Michael. Dwight didn't expect him to make the trip, and the only thing he can manage to say is, "I can't believe you came." Naturally, the only thing Michael can say to that is, "That's what she said." Other Redditors were quick to chime in about how they lost it at that moment, such as u/Swerdman55 stating, "Seeing Michael was so great. Cause when I saw that scene, I didn't see Steve Carrell coming back for a cameo. I legitimately saw Michael again, after so long."

As you go down the Reddit thread, you come across other words of praise for the moment, including "I'm still sobbing" and "In that one moment, everything was right again, and everything was perfect." If there's one thing to learn from all of this, it's that if an Office reunion ever comes to fruition, Michael Scott better be a part of it.