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What Happened To The Cast Of CSI: Miami?

CSI: Miami gets a bit of a bad rap. The show was nominated for dozens of awards, even taking home a few Primetime Emmys. It has a strong ensemble cast and ultimately ran for 10 seasons (close to 250 episodes!) before coming to a close in 2012. Even with all of that going for it, however, most people probably think of some variation of this when they hear the show mentioned.

That's right: As some of you might not know, given the show's 2012 end and its longevity as an internet joke, CSI: Miami is the meme-able series with the sunglasses and the cry of "Yeeeeeeeah!" from The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again." Sure, the showrunners might have leaned a little too hard into the cliché of Horatio Caine quipping while putting on his shades. Still, the show has a lot to offer viewers looking for a change of pace in their primetime police dramas.

Most viewers remember Horatio, but you might not remember the rest of the show's characters — nor do you probably know much about where their actors are today. Here's what the cast of CSI: Miami has been up to since the show's finale in 2012.

David Caruso: Horatio Caine

We should probably start with the guy everyone remembers: David Caruso starred on CSI: Miami as Horatio Caine, the head of Miami's crime lab and an aficionado of both punny one-liners and stylish sunglasses. Caruso was a fairly big name actor when he signed up as the show's lead, but he hasn't had a single role since CSI: Miami came to a close. What gives?

That kind of depends on who you ask. Caruso appears to have retired from acting –- there are some reports that he chose to retire in order to focus on opening art galleries and installations. At the same time, there are also rumors that roles for him completely dried up: Caruso has a reputation for being a bit of a diva that goes as far back as his early days on NYPD Blue. Steven Bochco, the showrunner for NYPD Blue, called Caruso's behavior "cancerous" and said of the actor, "Most people don't function well in a dysfunctional environment, but Caruso loved it because he was the source of all the discontent, and it empowered him."

Caruso has plenty of old roles you can return to from his pre-CSI: Miami days, including parts in First Blood, Session 9, and more, but you won't see him on screen in anything more contemporary. You could say the series was his ... final curtain call. Yeeeeeeeeah!

Emily Procter: Calleigh Duquesne

CSI: Miami's always-cheerful ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne was played by actress Emily Procter. She's only had a few roles since the show concluded in 2012: She is not technically retired as an actress, but she has turned her focus to other things.

Procter had a few big roles before CSI: Miami, including a supporting role in Leaving Las Vegas and a memorable recurring spot on the celebrated political drama The West Wing. She's also the only person credited as appearing in every episode of CSI: Miami besides David Caruso. After the series ended, she had a two-episode guest spot on the USA series White Collar, and also starred in the film Love Everlasting. That movie was released in 2016, and is Procter's last credited role to date.

According to Procter's website, she has shifted her focus from entertainment to philanthropy. She started a nonprofit organization in 2019 called Ground Breakers that works to help children and adults in compromised circumstances.

Adam Rodriguez: Eric Delko

Actor Adam Rodriguez did not appear on every episode of CSI: Miami, but his character is one of only three who is a part of the show from the beginning to the end. Rodriguez played Eric Delko, who wears a lot of different hats in Miami's CSI department. As its turns out, that skill translates to Rodriguez's off-screen life: The actor has gone on to quite a bit of success, both in film and on other television series.

Rodriguez has appeared in some smaller film roles in the years since CSI: Miami ended, but his most memorable is probably Tito in Magic Mike and its sequel, Magic Mike XXL. He's found more work in television, with recurring roles on shows like The Night Shift, Empire, and Jane the Virgin. He also had a substantial role as Luke Alvez over the course of the last few seasons of Criminal Minds, and was part of the central ensemble on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, where he played Raul Vega.

Rex Linn: Frank Tripp

One of the most memorable characters on CSI: Miami is Detective Sergeant Frank Tripp, played by Rex Linn. Linn fit very naturally into his role as a stern-but-likeable member of the force, and his character evolution over the show's 10 seasons is one of the series' most natural and enjoyable. Linn continues to find work in movies and television, though he definitely lands bigger and more memorable roles on the small screen.

On the movie front, Linn had a small role right after CSI: Miami concluded as Tennessee Harry in Django Unchained. He also had roles in Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West and the delightfully campy Zombeavers. He's had a number of solid television roles in the years since as well. In addition to shows like Lethal Weapon, The Lottery, and State of Affairs, Linn has enjoyed great turns in recurring roles like Kevin Wachtell on Better Call Saul and Principal Peterson on Young Sheldon.

On a fun side note, as of this writing, Linn is also dating country music legend Reba McEntire!

Jonathan Togo: Ryan Wolfe

Actor Jonathan Togo joined the cast of CSI: Miami in the show's third season as Ryan Wolfe. Wolfe is one in a long line of cop show characters who use their (very much unrealistically depicted) OCD to their advantage: Wolfe's attention to detail and abilities in the lab border on superhuman. Togo appeared in a number of larger movies and series prior to CSI: Miami, but that hasn't generally been the case since the show went off the air.

Prior to appearing on the series, Togo had guest spots on shows like Law & Order, Ed, and Judging Amy. He also had a small role in the brutal crime film Mystic River. However, ever since his time as Ryan Wolfe came to an end, Togo has been keeping things pretty low key. He had a guest appearance on the series Lucifer, but otherwise, it's mostly been guest spots on short-lived or unknown properties. Angel from Hell, Ex-Best, and Infinity Baby are just a few projects you may have caught Togo in.

His last credited role came in the 2018 made-for-TV movie Christmas Cupid's Arrow. He starred as David, a professor looking for love.

Eva LaRue: Natalia Boa Vista

An FBI informant turned member of the team, Natalia Boa Vista was played by actress Eva LaRue. It's revealed that she has been working against our heroes in the show's fourth season, collecting evidence to bring down Horatio Caine. But still, she winds up becoming a valuable part of the CSI: Miami squad and stays a major player on the show until the series' end.

LaRue has had a few solid roles since CSI: Miami came to a close. She appeared on a few episodes of the children's series Mack & Moxy as Admirable Eva, had a guest spot as Teri on Fuller House, and returned to the world of soap operas as Celeste Rosales on The Young and the Restless. Previously, she'd had a recurring role as Dr. Maria Santos Grey on All My Children.

Interestingly, one of CSI: Miami's plotlines was ripped directly from the headlines of LaRue's own experiences. The actress and her sister were both photographed by the notorious serial killer Bill Bradford, who photographed girls and young women under the guise of being a modeling talent scout. Two women he photographed, Tracey Campbell and Shari Miller, were later found dead, and Bradford was convicted of their murders. Both LaRue and her sister avoided that grisly fate, thankfully.

Khandi Alexander: Alexx Woods

A big part of any police procedural, especially a CSI-focused one, is its coroner. CSI: Miami's victims are sent to Alexx Woods, played by actress Khandi Alexander. In a world like CSI: Miami's, Woods is a much-needed maternal figure who cares deeply about the victims set in front of her and her team. Even though she's not (generally) in the line of fire, Woods is a central and essential part of the operation.

Alexander has had quite a bit of success to hang her hat on since CSI: Miami closed up shop. She starred on the HBO series Treme, which overlapped with the last few years of CSI: Miami, and also received some critical love for her turn as Viola, Bessie Smith's sister, in the HBO movie Bessie. She had small roles in the 2018 film Fahrenheit 451 as Toni Morrison, and as an interrogator in Patriots Day. She also played Maya Lewis on about two dozen episodes of Scandal. Her most recent role was a two-episode guest spot on the CBS series SEAL Team.

Omar Benson Miller: Walter Simmons

Mostly used for comic relief after he's introduced in CSI: Miami's eighth season, Walter Simmons was played by actor Omar Benson Miller. He is often underestimated by other members of the squad, but is able to contribute in several ways over the course of the show's final seasons.

Miller is known just as much for his voice work as he is for his traditional acting roles, though he's no slouch in either department. He's one of the central pillars of the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, voicing Raphael. He also voiced Finn in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. As of this writing, it's his only work as Finn, but it seems likely he'll continue to voice the character if he appears in other animated projects.

Miller has also landed recurring roles on a few different series. He played Charles Greane alongside Dwayne Johnson on Ballers until it ended in 2019, and he's also part of the main ensemble on the CBS comedy The Unicorn, where he plays Ben.

Sofia Milos: Yelina Salas

Actress Sofia Milos played Yelina Salas on CSI: Miami, appearing as a sort-of love interest to Horatio Caine (despite being married to his brother!) across seven seasons of the series. Milos hasn't had a ton of major roles in the years since the show called it quits, but she has managed to land several guest spots.

One of Milos' other major roles came at the same time she was on CSI: Miami: She enjoyed a regular recurring spot as Victoria Marston on Desire, an American telenovela series. Towards the end of her run on CSI: Miami, she also had a role on the Canadian series The Border. You may also have caught her in guest roles on several shows, including Private Eyes, The First Family, Chicago Justice, 1600 Penn, and more. More recently, she's had recurring roles as Cristina on Sangre Negra and as Daria on the History Channel series Project Blue Book.

Rory Cochrane: Tim Speedle

Along with David Caruso, Rory Cochrane was one of CSI: Miami's big "gets" when the show first premiered, bringing some serious name recognition to the spin-off. Cochrane had enjoyed a successful run of movies prior to appearing on the series, including roles in Gen X classics Dazed and Confused and Empire Records. His character, Tim Speedle, is killed early on in the show's third season. Cochrane has arguably found the most success as an actor of any CSI: Miami regular in the years since he left the series.

Cochrane had a run on 24's seventh season, playing Greg Seaton across seven episodes. However, most of Cochrane's major roles have come in movies. Some of this parts include Agent Carter Baum in Public Enemies, Lee Schatz in Argo, Stephen Flemmi in Black Mass, and Alan Russell in 2013's Oculus. He's also not showing any signs of slowing down: The last few years have seen Cochrane add projects like Antlers, Invasion, and Tyson's Run to his slate.

Boti Bliss: Maxine Valera

Actress Boti Bliss, who played DNA expert Maxine Valera on CSI: Miami, did not have what most of us would call a normal childhood. Bliss grew up in Colorado, living in a tipi without running water or electricity. As she told The Denver Post in 2007, she recognizes what a great experience her childhood was, now that she's older. At the time, however, she just wanted to be "normal," and so she left for Hollywood at 17.

Bliss hasn't had a ton of major roles outside of CSI: Miami, though you may have caught her in guest spots here and there, or in smaller films. Some of those guest roles came in series like Bones, Maron, and Perception. As far as film roles go, she's appeared in Shot to the Heart, Deadly Switch, and Killer in Suburbia. Bliss continues to plug away at her craft, with comedies Stage Kiss and Fourth Grade being some of her most recent projects.

Christian Clemenson: Dr. Tom Loman

Actor Christian Clemenson joined the CSI: Miami cast fairly late in the game, but he turned out to be a major player as Dr. Tom Loman. Clemenson was already a well-known actor when he joined the show: You may have caught him in movies like Apollo 13 and The Big Lebowski, or in his memorable role as Jerry Espenson on Boston Legal. He hasn't quite hit that same level of success since CSI: Miami went off the air, but he still gets high-profile roles from time to time.

After the series ended, Clemenson found guest roles on shows like Shameless, Californication, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He's also had larger, recurring roles on a number of highly regarded shows, including his performance as Dan Bennett on Colony. What is probably his most memorable appearance since CSI: Miami came to an end arrived on American Crime Story. Clemenson played Bill Hodgman, one of the prosecutors of the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

Brendan Fehr: Dan Cooper

Actor Brendan Fehr joined the cast of CSI: Miami a few seasons in, playing lab tech Dan Cooper. While he only lasts for a few seasons, his esoteric areas of expertise make him part of several fascinating storylines. Fehr has enjoyed several notable roles, both before and after CSI: Miami – he's the sort of actor you've probably seen somewhere, even if you don't remember specifics.

Fehr's most notable role came before his time on CSI: Miami, when he played Michael Guerin on the series Roswell. He also had roles in a few late '90s horror movies like Final Destination and Disturbing Behavior. After his time on CSI: Miami, Fehr has had recurring roles on series like Bones and The Night Shift, as well as minor roles in some major movies. Look for him as a communications officer in X-Men: First Class and as Corpsman Dey's partner in Guardians of the Galaxy.

More recently, Fehr has landed roles in a few made-for-TV Christmas movies, and has a number of projects currently in production.

Brian Poth: Tyler Jenson

The original AV tech on the CSI: Miami team is Tyler Jenson, played by actor Brian Poth. He only appears a few times over the course of the show's first season, but becomes much more central to the plot in the second and third seasons. We never find out what happens to Jenson, but the actor who played him continues to find work in movies and television.

Poth has landed guest roles on a number of popular series, including Criminal Minds, True Blood, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Castle, and many more. He also pops up in film on occasion, but often in either small roles or small movies. He got a bit of screen time in 2018's Vice, for example, as a secret service agent. Poth has also dipped his toes into writing and directing, most prominently in the 2010 comedic short Gleeclipse. All in all, Poth is definitely still kicking around Hollywood — you just need to keep your eyes peeled.