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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Ginny & Georgia just dropped on Netflix yesterday and is already pulling in tons of viewers and climbing the site's trending charts. Drawing plenty of similarities to Gilmore Girls (whose revival was also distributed by Netflix), Ginny & Georgia also depicts a close-knit mother-daughter relationship with a young, hip mother, Georgia (Brianne Howey), who had her teenage daughter, Ginny (Antonia Gentry), when she was just 15. At the start of the series, Georgia moves to a new town, with Ginny and her younger son Austin (Diesel La Torraca), after the death of her husband (her children's stepfather).

Yet, despite the initial comparisons made, as soon as viewers tune in, it becomes clear that this series has several key differences from Gilmore Girls — namely, the tone and plot are much darker, including secrets and even murders.

After a wild ride of a first season, fans are definitely waiting to hear about what is coming next. Here's what we know so far about a potential season 2 of Ginny & Georgia.

When will season 2 be released?

First and foremost, Ginny & Georgia has to be renewed for its second season, which it hasn't as yet. According to Decider, Netflix typically takes between four and six weeks to announce if they're deciding to renew a show. Even with a show as highly popular and talked about as, say, Bridgerton, it took about four weeks before Netflix announced its renewal. So it looks like eager viewers will have to be a little patient before finding out the fate of the show. Still, the show's early popularity bodes well for a confirmation of season 2.

Looking at some other Netflix shows, we can predict when a second season will come out, if renewed. A big Netflix hit of 2020 was Never Have I Ever, the teen comedy created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. After the show was renewed, Netflix announced production dates and estimated a release date of just about a year after the season 1 premiere. Going off this, fans can likely expect the next installment of Ginny & Georgia in the beginning of 2022.

Who will be in season 2?

Ginny & Georgia wouldn't be Ginny & Georgia without, well, it's two title characters. So, if season 2 rolls around, we can definitely expect Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry to reprise their lead roles. Additionally, the family drama wouldn't be complete without all family members, meaning La Torraca will definitely show up again in his younger sibling role.

Other notable cast members include Raymond Ablack as Joe, the owner of a local restaurant and potential love interest to Georgia. Ablack has been getting plenty of attention for his role, such as an interview with Bustle in which he expresses his excitement over the role. Based on his character's rising popularity and his enthusiasm for the project, it's more than likely he'll be reprising Joe's arc for the next season.

Ginny has some love interests of her own, of course — two, to be exact, giving the show the love triangle arc longed for by many drama show watchers — who are bound to show up again. It's safe to say that both her sweet boyfriend Hunter (Mason Temple) and the guy she really wants to be with Marcus (Felix Mallard) will both have appearances in season 2.

What will season 2 be about?

The ending of season 1 was tumultuous, to say the very least. With the death of Georgia's husband, Kenny, hanging over the whole season, the plot point came to a head when Ginny discovered that it was Georgia who killed him. (Georgia murdered Kenny after finding out that he had sexually abused Ginny). With this information, Ginny takes off with Austin, leaving their mother behind, to find her father. Meanwhile, Georgia is none the wiser about her kids' departure, nor about Ginny's recent discovery. She believes she has avoided any further investigation into Kenny's murder and believes that Ginny will "never have the fear" that she did.

Season 2 will likely pick up right where season 1 left off, with Georgia discovering her kids have left. Creator Sarah Lambert spoke with Oprah Magazine about her hope for a season 2, saying, "Season 1 really did feel like a season 1. We just started uncovering some of the layers for all characters, across the board, that we want to dive into. [We're] hoping we get the chance."

Lambert also discussed the further exploration of the mother-daughter relationship that awaits in the next season. She told Oprah Magazine, "The relationship between Ginny and Georgia is the third character in the show. It lives on its own. It's constantly changing and evolving. There are so many scenes where the two of them are communicating with each other over everyone's head. They're intrinsically wound."

Let's hope we get to see more of Ginny and Georgia soon.