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The Incredibly Expensive Item The Pawn Stars Bought With Actual Gold

The deal-sealing guys from Pawn Stars are no strangers to buying and selling items at mind-bogglingly high prices. Deals with prices in the tens and hundreds of thousands are not rare occurrences, and the leading man, Rick Harrison, has shown that he's willing to lay down a hefty sum if an item strikes his fancy. When that happens, he's even been known to make some unconventional agreements.

According to Screen Rant, this was exactly the case for a vintage car that Harrison couldn't help but get his hands on. The only problem was, the owner of the car wanted a little bit more than what Harrison was offering. He was about to walk away from the deal until Harrison makes a strange offer. If a cash offer can't work, then maybe something less conventional would get it done. This is how the Pawn Stars turned gold into one of history's coolest classic cars.

This Pawn Stars deal almost fell through

The Pawn Stars season 4 episode, "Buy the Book," introduced audiences to an enigmatic gentleman who goes by the name Uncle Phil. With a confident strut, Uncle Phil approaches Rick Harrison with what seems like a straightforward offer at first. Phil has a particularly nice vintage car — a 1932 Lincoln Roadster to be exact — and he wants to sell it today.

Harrison is always down to flip cars, and a quick examination of the car tells him everything he needs to know. Aside from some minor cosmetic damages and the need for a serious polish, the Lincoln is in near-perfect condition. Apparently Uncle Phil acquired the Roadster from a museum some years back, so it's been given a fair amount of care. Harrison loves it, and offers Uncle Phil a sizable sum of $85,000. Unfortunately, this is not enough for Uncle Phil, who is dead-set on getting $100,000 for the automobile.

Rick Harrison eventually strikes gold

Rick Harrison raises his offer a few times before stopping at a final offer of $95,000. Fixing even minor cosmetic damages on a vintage isn't cheap, so Harrison isn't willing to go any higher. Still, he has his heart set on the old cruiser, and will do anything to make sure Uncle Phil won't walk away from this deal. He asks if there's anything that will make Uncle Phil accept the offer. Luckily for him, there is.

Uncle Phil will only sell Harrison the car for less than $100,000 if he gets his payment in gold. Harrison admits that gold is a sharp investment for Uncle Phil to make and, with plenty of gold coins to spare, Harrison accepts the deal without a second thought. When all is said and done, Harrison gets his car and Uncle Phil walks away with a bag filled with enough doubloons to rival Scrooge McDuck's vault, just another high-priced deal on Pawn Stars.