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Heartland Season 15 - What We Know So Far

Heartland first aired in Canada in 2007. Due to a production schedule resulting in an average of one season per year, it ultimately became the longest-running hour-long drama series to ever air in Canada. Thanks to its worldwide availability on Netflix, Heartland has found its share of fans outside of its country of origin as well, similar to Letterkenny before it.

Despite its total number of episodes breaking records, the series currently shows no signs of slowing down. Its 14th season began airing on Canadian television in January 2021 and should arrive on Netflix worldwide at a later date.

Those with the means to have already seen Heartland's 14th season, however, may be looking toward the series' future. Throughout the majority of its time on the air, at the series' forefront has been a romance between series protagonists Amy and Ty. That said, (season 14 spoilers incoming) Ty is unlikely to return for another season. With that in mind, here's everything we know about Heartland season 15.

When is Heartland season 15 going to be released?

Heartland's 12th and 13th seasons both began airing in 2019, in January and September, respectively. Season 14 premiered just over a year after the 13th season concluded, in January 2021. If Heartland continues to follow the same production schedule as earlier seasons, a 15th season could arrive as early as September of this year. If Heartland's season-per-year average continues to be maintained, season 15 could be released anytime in 2022 and still adhere to its established precedent.

Currently, however, there is no official confirmation of a 15th season. That said, news of a new season may not be announced until the 14th season concludes. If season 14 includes 10 episodes like the season before it, its final episode should air on March 21, 2021.

A worldwide Netflix release of Heartland's 15th season is unlikely until at least 2022, if prior season release dates are any indication. Both seasons 12 and 13 were released on Netflix in February 2021, more than two years after season 12 premiered. Therefore, fans should expect a minimum of a year between season 15's initial airdate and its availability on Netflix.

Who is going to star in Heartland season 15?

Though Heartland's core cast has gone through a few significant changes since its earliest days, the same group of actors has remained at its forefront throughout the majority of the series' run.

Heartland's lead character is Amy Fleming, who has been played by Amber Marshall in every episode of the series. While she has a number of additional credits to her name, her role in Heartland remains her most notable. Alongside her, Shaun Johnson plays ranch patriarch Jack Bartlett, the only other character to appear in every episode. His filmography includes a number of past recurring appearances on series like Jake and the Kid and Wyonna Earp.

Rounding out the core cast is Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming, Chris Potter as Tim Fleming, and season 6 addition Alisha Newton as Georgie Morris. In arguably the most significant change-up in series history, Chris Potter will not be returning in Season 15 as Tim Fleming, due to a plot point from early on in Heartland's 14th season.

What will be the plot of Heartland season 15?

In the premiere of Heartland season 14, Ty dies after suddenly developing a deep vein thrombosis (the result of a gunshot wound, though it can also be caused by playing video games). The repercussions of his death are continuing to impact season 14 as it progresses. Season 14 has yet to conclude, but nevertheless, the weight of Ty's death is unlikely to be resolved tidily in just one batch of episodes. Resultant complications, therefore, are likely to continue over the course of season 15 as well.

Further complicating things is the fact that Amy and Ty have a child together named Lyndy. Thus, how Amy will now raise Lyndy in light of Ty's death is likely going to be an ongoing plot point in season 15 and even beyond, should the series continue.

Also key in season 14 is Amy's sister Lou taking on the office of the mayor of Hudson, the town in which the series takes place. Meanwhile Georgie, Lou's adopted daughter, is interested in entering the Olympics as a trick rider. While developments that have yet to occur in season 14 may alter these characters' storylines, from what we know now, they're likely to persist in some form or another into Heartland Season 15.