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The Strangest Recurring Character In It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is home to plenty of deranged, insane characters, but one of its supporting players is just too weird to overlook.

The long-running series chronicles the scams, foibles, and schemes of the proprietors of Philadelphia's run-down Paddy's Pub, staffed by Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day), Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton), Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), Reynolds patriarch Frank (Danny DeVito), and Ronald "Mac" McDonald (Rob McElhenney), who make up a pretty reprehensible group of people. Whether they're hijacking Philadelphia tour boats, repeatedly trying to solve "crises" like recycling or reliance on oil, or staging full-length musicals at the drop of a hat, "The Gang" is a fairly despicable bunch, but they've also got some pretty horrifying acquaintances.

From the sex-crazed Artemis (Artemis Pebdani) to the downtrodden former priest Cricket (David Hornsby), there are plenty of completely weird recurring characters in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but the strangest is definitely Maureen Ponderosa, who goes through a journey throughout the show that runs the gamut from funny to horrifying. Here's why Maureen Ponderosa is definitely the weirdest supporting player on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Maureen Ponderosa is the weirdest character on It's Always Sunny

Maureen's title of "weirdest Always Sunny supporting player" is no small feat, but when you think about how she progresses from a cute girl with one obvious flaw to a deranged cat person, it's pretty undeniable. Maureen is first introduced as a former classmate that Dennis and Dee went to high school with, and though Dennis is generally attracted to her, there's one problem: she has a "dead tooth."

However, after Dennis repeatedly emotionally tortures Maureen and breaks her heart multiple times, Maureen has the weirdest possible reaction, and decides to transition... into a cat. Throughout the series, every time Maureen appears, she's more and more dedicated to becoming a human-cat hybrid — though her love for cats was once confined to her love for arts and crafts, as the show progresses, Maureen starts adopting the mannerisms of actual cats, and even getting plastic surgery to look more like a cat. Shortly before Maureen dies under mysterious circumstances — though it's fairly obvious that Dennis is behind her murder — she has fully transitioned into a cat, hissing, meowing, and obsessively following laser pointers.

Maureen ultimately meets a tragic end, but while she's alive, there's really no question that she's the absolute weirdest character on the show. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which currently spans fourteen seasons, is available to stream on Hulu now.