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The Sneaky Way WandaVision Set Up That Big Episode 7 Reveal

Contains spoilers for WandaVision episode 7

A good leitmotif, peppered generously throughout a show or movie, can really kick things up to a new level. More than that, it can hint at what's coming up next. Take the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, where Hans Zimmer's theme for Davy Jones was used to foreshadow his relationship with Calypso, or the way that the Blue's Clues song alluded to the inevitability of the viewer eventually figuring out Blue's clues because they're really smart. WandaVision, too, has been leaving a trail of harmonic breadcrumbs for audiences, as it turns out. As we should have expected, the hints were pointing to Agatha all along.

First, a quick recap: At the end of the show's seventh episode, we see Agnes' true colors — specifically, black and purple — when she reveals herself to be none other than Agatha Harkness, the troublesome magic enthusiast from the comics with a shape-changing cat and a penchant for skullduggery. The big twist comes in the form of a musical number, the same one that's been stuck in your head ever since, featuring Agnes performer Katherine Hahn desperately trying to escape the Hex by chewing her way through as much scenery as possible.

If the backing track to the reveal of WandaVision's worst-kept secret seemed passingly familiar, it's just because we've been hearing it every single week since the show premiered.

Agatha's been lurking behind the scenes

That WandaVision would hide clues in its songs seems 100% on-brand for the multi-layered head trip of a series. What's fascinating is that the musical underpinnings were pointed out by the show's creative team, as if caffeinated nerds wouldn't have brought it up themselves in their weekly Pepe Silvia sessions on Reddit.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the songwriter for WandaVision, took to Twitter to show off the hidden details in her music. "If you are wondering why you were so ready for the last song, it's because, you were hearing the same song week after week," she wrote, linking to a YouTube video illustrating her point. The proof is spelled out pretty beautifully: a cluster of four notes, moved up and down a keyboard and performed at different tempos, has been present in every WandaVision theme song so far. It's the same group of notes used in the "Agatha All Along" number, where "the motif is used to punctuate select phrases of the vocals throughout," according to the video.

It can be a little difficult to keep up with all of the WandaVision Easter eggs we've run into so far. Still, the clever use of the show's music to prime the pump for Agatha's big moment makes you wonder what else the score is hiding.