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Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of Falling Skies

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Dystopian fiction has been all the rage in the 21st century with film series like The Hunger Games and TV shows like The Walking Dead depicting the breakdown of society, often as a result of some existential threat. Just one year after The Walking Dead came out, a similar show was released presenting a very different threat – Falling Skies on TNT. While it's easy enough to shoot some zombies in the head, provided you aren't face-to-face with a horde, Falling Skies focused on a group of survivors dealing with extraterrestrials who have a great deal of firepower at their disposal, and if that wasn't bad enough, the aliens also enslave children. 

For five seasons, Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) leads a rebellion to take back Earth from the otherworldly menace. Anyone who's a fan of alien invasion stories along the lines of Cloverfield and War of the Worlds, the latter of which is surprisingly based on real events, will enjoy this unique spin on the genre. The audience gradually learns about the aliens' capabilities and weaponry alongside the characters, keeping you on the edge of your seat from one season to the next as the aliens' ultimate plan gets uncovered. 

Anyone in the mood for some sci-fi action that doesn't overstay its welcome will want to give this series a watch. Plus, there's a pretty simple way to get every episode at your disposal. 

All five seasons of Falling Skies are on HBO Max

You're in luck if you have a subscription to HBO Max. All 52 episodes of Falling Skies are currently streaming on the platform commercial-free, so you can binge-watch the entire show at your leisure. 

If you don't have HBO Max and don't particularly want another streaming service to pay for (with this specific one costing $14.99 a month), then you can always purchase the series. Anyone who's a fan of physical media will be delighted to hear that you can get the complete Blu-Ray box set currently on Amazon for $59.35. That comes out to about four months of paying for HBO Max, so if you know you're a fan of this series and plan on rewatching it over and over again, it's a worthwhile investment. 

It's a great deal compared to paying for digital copies of each season. You can purchase every season from Amazon or Apple TV, but it's going to set you back between $19.99 and $27.99 per season. That means you'll end up spending well over $100 if you decide to go down this route. Then again, if you don't have a Blu-Ray player, you may not have a lot of other options. 

For anyone who hasn't seen Falling Skies before and wondering if they should give it a chance, the answer is a resounding "Yes." The series received predominantly positive reviews across all its seasons, never really dipping in quality. David Hinckley of the New York Daily News even wrote in his review for the show's first season, "Falling Skies is looking like the season's best popcorn television."

Aliens continue to inspire some of the most intriguing fiction around. If we do one day meet extraterrestrials, hopefully they aren't like the warmongering ones found on Falling Skies.