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Why Ryan Was So Important To Stormfront In The Boys Season 2

One of the biggest driving forces of the dark superhero series The Boys has always been Billy Butcher's (Karl Urban) bloody campaign against Vought International and its Superman-parody, Homelander (Antony Starr), after the rape and disappearance of his wife Becca. But the end of season 1 revealed that Becca was still alive and had actually given birth to Homelander's son, Ryan. It took years for Ryan to show any signs of having superpowers like his psychopathic dad because Becca fostered her son's intelligence and taught him about the world though it shouldn't be surprising that the boy started using his powers within mere weeks of Homelander becoming a part of his life. Fortunately, the young Supe seemed nothing like his violent, depraved father.

Stormfront, whose real name is Klara Reisinger, is a master manipulator who played Homelander like a fiddle through The Boys season 2. Under the guise of "telling it like it is," Stormfront was standoffish and insulting to everyone at Vought and even the rest of the Seven, but quickly managed to yank Homelander over to her side. Given Ryan's well-adjusted nature, it was surprising that Stormfront — a literal Nazi — took so much interest in him. Is it possible Stormfront's real goal was to indoctrinate Ryan to her cause?

Stormfront already knew about Ryan

Let's not forget, thanks to her marriage to company founder Frederick Vought himself, Stormfront was one of the most influential people at Vought International. She was running her own fully funded operation at Sage Grove to create Supes at will and was clearly manipulating Stan Edgar at the same time. Stormfront wasn't even surprised when she first met Ryan, most likely because she already knew about his existence due to her place in Vought. The villain quickly dumped her ideologies on the young boy tried to get him to realize how important he is as the first natural-born superhero.

Stormfront obviously wanted to help usher in the master race of humans to further the Nazi cause, and the obvious next step of that is having someone who's just as powerful as Homelander that she can mold into her ideal weapon. Even though she was fond of her daughter, who had passed away years earlier, Stormfront clearly still yearned for a new family. That's why she was so eager to snatch Ryan away from Becca at the Vought compound and reveal the truth about the fabrication of his entire life. Although, was it really necessary to tell Becca "He'll still have a mother" as she flew him up, up and away? That was cold.

With enough time and patience, Stormfront may have managed to sway Ryan over to her side, though we're pretty sure he's safe from that for the time being, given what happened in The Boys season 2 finale.