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Monster Hunter Mid-Credits Movie Scene Explained

If you like the concept of fighting gigantic creatures with explosives and glowing melee weapons, both the Monster Hunter games and the movie might just be custom-made to your tastes. The movie knows full well the confines of the genre, and happily plays up the over-the-top action aspect with a cast led by Resident Evil mainstay Milla Jovovich and martial arts movie legend Tony Jaa — and builds a world with many, many gigantic creatures for them to go up against.

That being said, the film is not without its issues. The Monster Hunter movie has caused uproar and faced many hurdles. China pulled it from cinemas thanks to a racially charged joke, and even without such controversy, many critics have had unkind things to say about the film. As such, it remains to be seen whether the movie ever receives the sequel its cliffhanger ending so readily teases — which is actually kind of a shame, because the movie's mid-credits scene teases some pretty big things to come. Here's the Monster Hunter mid-credits movie scene explained. 

The Monster Hunter mid-credits scene gives you a glimpse of a new villain

The Monster Hunter movie does quite a lot of world-building to establish its universe of giant monsters and strange weaponry, and the mid-credits scene clearly isn't afraid to do its share of heavy lifting. In just under 25 seconds, the scene manages to tease a potentially increased role for the Palico warrior and reveal a potential Big Bad villain.

The mid-credits scene is a short one, but it nevertheless teases some pretty exciting things for the potential sequel. You see Artemis (Jovovich), Hunter (Jaa) and the Admiral (Ron Perlman) continue their battle with the dragon-like Gore Magala monster from Monster Hunter's cliffhanger ending — but they're far less alone than the viewer initially assumed. The trio receive surprise fire support from the Palico (basically, an anthropomorphic warrior cat) known as Meowscular Chef — the Admiral's cook and companion. Oh, and if the presence of a cool, monster-fighting cat wasn't enough for you, the scene also shows a shadowy, hooded figure standing atop the Sky Tower, observing the battle raging far below. It's pretty apparent that whoever this entity is, they're up to no good.