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Pauley Perrette Of NCIS Looked Completely Different As A Child

Given how long it has been on, fans of NCIS have gotten the chance to watch the show's main cast age as the seasons passed. That includes Pauley Perrette, who played forensic scientist Abby Sciuto on NCIS for 15 years but decided to leave the show a few years back. Sciuto wasn't killed off, though. Instead, she moved to London to start her life over, which means that she may return in a smaller role at some point. 

In spite of her decision to leave, Perrette's role on NCIS is still the one she's known best for, and the reason that she never has to work again if she doesn't want to. Before the show made Perrette an incredibly wealthy woman, though, she was a normal person. Even the world's biggest stars have some embarrassing photos from their youth, and Perrette is no exception. Although she's kept some signature parts of her look for most of her life, there are certainly differences between the grown actress that NCIS fans have come to know and her younger self. Still, everyone is allowed a cute, slightly rough childhood photo to look back on. 

Pauley Perrette looked different ... but still had the bangs

As indicated by a picture she posted to her Twitter account, Perrette was blond as a child, but her hairstyle was remarkably similar to the signature bangs that she still rocks today. She's also rocking pigtails in the photo, which were another common styling decision during her time on NCIS

Although she eventually landed in Hollywood, Perrette spent much of her childhood moving with her family. As a kid, she dreamed of working with animals or becoming a rock star and lived in the South, on both coasts, and in both Carolinas. As an adult, Perrette persued her dream of becoming a rock star and made an enormous impact on one of the most popular shows of the new millennium. 

Although Perrette and several other members of the show's original cast have left, their legacy on NCIS remains enormous, and many fans hope that when the show eventually comes to an end, Perrette will make another appearance as Sciuto. For now, fans of her work on NCIS will have to be content with the knowledge that she came from humble beginnings.