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The Disturbing Todd Detail You Never Noticed In Breaking Bad Season 5

Breaking Bad had more than its fair share of memorable characters. Bryan Cranston's Walter White is regarded as one of the greatest characters in TV history, and supporting characters like Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman and Giancarlo Esposito's Gus Fring are just as well-remembered and beloved. But few of Breaking Bad's characters left an impression like Jesse Plemons' Todd did.

Introduced early on in Breaking Bad's fifth season, Todd didn't seem all that dangerous or interesting — at first. But Todd quickly surprised Walt, Jesse, and Breaking Bad viewers everywhere with his cold-bloodedness and his sociopathic tendencies. The character grew to be one of the most formidable and chilling antagonists in all of Breaking Bad, and Jesse Plemons' performance as the character helped launch his career as one of Hollywood's favorite contemporary character actors.

Nearly eight years after Breaking Bad aired its series finale, fans are still finding reasons to be weirded out by Todd, too. One recently discovered detail, in particular, just adds yet another shade of creepiness to one of Todd's biggest relationships in the series.

Todd's creepiest Breaking Bad obsession

One of the weirdest bonds in Breaking Bad is the one between Todd and Lydia. Over the course of its fifth season, Breaking Bad makes it almost explicitly clear that Todd is attracted to — and possibly obsessed with — Lydia. One Reddit user recently noticed an odd moment in Breaking Bad that only makes Todd's attraction to Lydia that much more uncomfortable as well.

The moment in question can be spotted around five minutes into "To'hajiilee," the 13th episode of Breaking Bad's fifth season. It happens just after a meeting between Todd and Lydia when Walt calls Todd to officially request that his family take out Jesse. Todd is holding Lydia's cup of tea from their meeting during the phone call, and after getting off the call with Walt, he takes a drink out of the cup. However, not only does Todd drink from the same cup as Lydia, but he also makes sure to put his mouth on the exact same spot as her lipstick mark.

On its own, Todd's relationship with Lydia is already very odd and awkward, and this detail is just one of many that make it even stranger (Todd also uses the Groucho Marx song "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" as his personal ringtone for her). The moment also gives Breaking Bad fans just yet another reason to find Todd so creepy — not that they necessarily needed any more of those, though.