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24% Of People Think This Network TV Show Was Canceled Too Soon

It's a sad truth that some TV shows are pulled off the air while still in their prime. The circumstances surrounding these decisions may vary from a dip in ratings to scheduling issues, but regardless, that doesn't stop fans from mourning the loss of their favorite series.

Some cancelled TV series may be among the lucky ones that are scooped up by other networks, such as the case of Brooklyn 99. Even fewer were as lucky as shows like Family Guy, which was cancelled after three seasons and then brought back by Fox thanks to soaring profits from DVD sales. Unfortunately, these examples are few and far between, and many fans will have to settle for rewatching limited episodes of their favorite shows on DVD or streaming sites.

So among the many TV shows that received the proverbial boot, which one was mourned the most by viewers? To find out, Looper posted a survey that asked avid TV watchers which network TV show was cancelled too soon. A total of 650 provided their answers, and this fan favorite earned the number one spot.

Firefly was grounded by Fox

It may not be a surprise to some that the sci-fi series Firefly received the most votes in the Looper survey with 24.15%. The show (created by Joss Whedon, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Avengers fame) combined both sci-fi and western genres, and starred big names such as Nathan Fillion and Morena Baccarin, along with a stellar ensemble cast. In spite of the series' clever writing and its memorable cast of characters, Firefly only aired for half of a season. 

Firefly first aired in 2002 on the Fox network, although there was some confusion that came with the premiere. The first episode to air on the network was actually the second episode of the series, which made the introduction to Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of the Serenity feel a bit muddled. In the end, the show's ratings just weren't up to snuff for Fox, who cancelled the 14 episode series. The show did receive a movie based on the characters and story called Serenity, which released in 2005, and if rumors are true, it is possible that Firefly may find new life with Disney

The runners-up for TV shows cancelled too soon were Freaks and Geeks (16%), Agent Carter (15.69%), Scream Queens (12.62%), Pushing Daisies (12%), Happy Endings (10.15%), and Other (9.38%).