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The Breaking Bad Theory About What That Fly Really Represents

Breaking Bad is generally regarded as one of the most well-written TV shows of all time — and for good reason. Over the course of its five seasons, Breaking Bad created some of the most iconic characters in TV history and consistently found new ways to surprise and thrill viewers. All of it eventually culminated in what is still one of the most critically acclaimed TV series finales of all time — one that tied together the show's various plotlines in a way that felt genuinely surprising and inevitable at the same time.

Breaking Bad also invited viewer involvement in a way that few series ever have, and for many, part of the joy of watching Breaking Bad was in decoding the show's various metaphors. In fact, fans of the series are still discovering new moments of foreshadowing and symbolism sprinkled throughout. One recent fan theory even offers an exciting new explanation for one of Breaking Bad's most cryptic episodes.

The fly reflects Walter White's Breaking Bad arc

"Fly" is a divisive episode among Breaking Bad fans. The episode takes place almost entirely in Walt and Jesse's underground meth lab and follows the pair as Walt becomes obsessed with killing a fly that has found its way into the lab — in order to stop it from "contaminating" their next batch of drugs.

"Fly" has bewildered viewers for years, with some considering it one of Breaking Bad's best episodes and others considering it the worst. But a Reddit user recently shared an interesting take on the episode, which may reveal what its titular fly really represents.

The theory posits that the fly is a reflection of Walt's growing obsession with power. The user points out that, at the start of the series, Walt doesn't care about the conditions he's cooking the meth in and is fine working in "a pest infested house" because he's only interested in making money for his family. However, by the time that "Fly" happens, Walt has become obsessed with the drug business itself. Therefore, Walt's desire to stop the fly from "contaminating" the drugs really shows that he was no longer making the drugs for his family but for himself.

It's an interesting and compelling theory — one that adds yet another layer to an episode of Breaking Bad that was already laden with foreshadowing and symbolism.