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The Hilarious Trailer Park Boys Easter Egg That Has Fans Pausing

In the age of TV streaming, or really ever since VCRs and DVD players have been available, TV creators have been sneaking special Easter eggs (or quick gags) into their shows which can only be spotted by pausing the video. Spotting these split-second glimpses is tricky, but that's what the Internet is for. In fact, many of them are actually common enough that they have their own page on TV Tropes — with Easter eggs from the cult-favorite, Trailer Park Boys, proving to be especially popular.

Trailer Park Boys has come a long way since it debuted as a low-budget indie movie. But not much of the show's core concept has changed over the years. It still follows Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, three down-on-their-luck trailer park dwellers who are always working on their next get-rich-quick scheme, usually involving marijuana and resulting in a jail sentence. It first debuted on Canadian television before making the jump to Netflix in 2014. Overall, it's spawned 12 seasons, an animated spinoff, and many TV specials and live tours.

The show has a dedicated fanbase, and the producers often reward them by including Easter eggs. But one freeze-frame Easter egg from the seventh season was so well hidden that fans are just now discovering it. And it's just as delightfully rude and profane as you'd hope.

Only losers look for freeze-frame Easter eggs

The freeze-frame gag appears during season 7 episode 6, titled "We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels, So We Call Them Friends." The overall season 7 storyline involves the gang trying to smuggle weed into the U.S. using a model train in the woods, which they dub "the Swayze Express." And their one buyer is none other than heavy metal legend Sebastian Bach. So basically, a completely typical Trailer Park Boys storyline.

Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles enlist Jacob and some friends to build the miles-long model train track in the woods. At the beginning of the episode, Jacob and his friends are distracted and crash their car into a river, then get lost and wander for days. They're also very intoxicated throughout. Jacob eventually gives up hope and leaves a note saying goodbye to Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, which they discover over a day later.

The camera briefly shows Jacob's letter, and the hilarious Easter egg can be spotted at the bottom. It says, "If you are freeze framing this on DVD, your f*cked." That sounds more like something Ricky would say rather than Jacob. But lovingly making fun of their own fans is peak Trailer Park Boys.