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How Much John Paul Tremblay From Trailer Park Boys Is Really Worth

Trailer Park Boys is a continuing sensation. The Canadian institution has gone from a low-budget independent movie to a 12-season sitcom with a spin-off animated series. As you might expect, this has led to some decent paydays for the brains behind the operation. John Paul Tremblay, who plays de facto trailer park leader Julian, has amassed a surprising amount of wealth from the ramshackle series. 

Though the characters at the heart of the show are always scrounging and scraping, and the actors behind them rarely give interviews that break character from the personas they've played for nearly two decades, the real-life Tremblay is doing quite a bit better than his perma-soused counterpart. He's managed to save up quite a bit over the course of the show's run. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tremblay's net worth is around $2 million. 

John Paul Tremblay wrung part of his fortune out of a small budget

A $2 million net worth might pale in comparison to the net worth of some of the bigger names in American television, but when you consider the bare-bones budgets of Trailer Park Boys and the way that creator Mike Clattenberg was able to scrape a series out of the mud, it's quite a bit to have socked away. 

Tremblay himself discussed the meager conditions of the show's early years in response to criticism of the way that the show paid their actors. After former series star Michael Jackson went public with the rates he was making on the successful show, saying that he felt "ripped off financially" and "disrespected as an actor and as a person," Tremblay explained the budget of the series in no uncertain terms. 

Tremblay said that some writers worked for pennies and noted that the early cast and crew "took tremendous risks, left good paying jobs, and decided to take a chance at doing something we strongly believed in, for next to no money at all."

Trailer Park Boys isn't the only gig John Paul Tremblay has earned money from

While most of Tremblay's filmography is padded with credits in various Trailer Park Boys projects — from the original series to the 2004 TV movie The Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special to Trailer Park Boys: Live in F**kin' Dublin to Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It and many more — he has held roles on other shows and in films. He likely didn't earn nearly as much money from those jobs as he has from playing Julian, of course, but whatever amount of cash he earned outside of the Trailer Park Boys world has undoubtedly contributed to his overall net worth. 

Tremblay has worked on series like Snakes & Ladders (as a character called Thug) and Archer (as the voice of a mounted-police-officer-slash-terrorist), has popped up in the '90s short films The Cart Boy and One Last Shot (which he also wrote), and even held a role in the Michelle Williams-led 2004 feature A Hole in One.

Trailer Park Boys continues to make money

A part of the disconnect between Tremblay's on-screen character and the relative comfort of his real life comes from how hard it is to think outside of his character. As Tremblay himself has noted, most people know down-and-out schemers like the characters that inhabit the fictional trailer park. And it can be hard to imagine them making millions of dollars. "You hear that from everybody. Everybody knows a Ricky, Julian, or Bubbles and went to high school with these guys or lived next door to people like us. It's unreal," Tremblay said.

And Tremblay's far from done amassing his wealth. While the mainline series of Trailer Park Boys may have ended, the series continues to be a hit on streaming services. Beyond that, the boys just launched the second season of their animated spin-off on Netflix. Surely that will come with enough in royalties to keep Julian drinking rum and Cokes for the rest of his life.