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Why Thayer From How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Looks So Familiar

The 2003 rom-com How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days pairs blonde bombshell Kate Hudson with southern charmer Matthew McConaughey, as the two face off in a battle of wills that ultimately challenges their characters' views on relationships. While Andie (Hudson) tries every attempt to drive Ben (McConaughey) away through hilarious relationship faux pas for an article she's writing, lifetime bachelor Ben's motives are to achieve the opposite goal and keep their romance going so he can score a huge marketing deal at his job. Their plans go awry as the pair slowly realize that they are actually falling for one another, throwing a wrench into their careers and personal lives.

Besides the film's big-name headliners, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days also showcases a brilliant supporting cast, including WandaVision's Kathryn Hahn and veteran of TV and stage Bebe Neuwirth. Audiences may also find that one other face may look familiar — Ben's co-worker, Thayer, who lives vicariously through Ben's successes in both advertising and wooing women. Just who is this actor, and where has he been seen before? Well, his name is Thomas Lennon, and no doubt you've seen at least one of his many other roles.        

Lennon's character was almost eaten by Drew Barrymore on Santa Clarita Diet

While it may be true that most diet fads have come out of California, none of them are quite as strange as the one Drew Barrymore's character Sheila Hammond adopts in Santa Clarita Diet – or as deadly. The horror-comedy about successful realtor couple Sheila and Joel Hammond dealing with Sheila's sudden craving for human flesh ran for three seasons on Netflix before the streaming platform decided to call it quits, leaving the fans with a cliffhanger ending and an insatiable appetite.

Barrymore and co-star Timothy Olyphant's innate chemistry commands viewers' attention with every scene, while Thomas Lennon's performance as the pathetic and detestable Principal Novak has fans rooting for him to be Sheila's next meal. Sheila and Joel are often shielding their teen daughter, Abby, from Novak's relentless obsession to remove her from the school, but they find themselves tangled in the principal's life when they discover that his grandmother could possibly help them find a cure for Sheila's "condition."

Santa Clarita Diet was cancelled in 2019, adding it to the long list of other Netflix originals which seem to mysteriously dematerialize after only a few seasons. Likely answers can be found in article from Deadline published in March 2019 that gave a thorough analysis of the streaming service's frequent practice. Long story short, Deadline states that the issue is often a financial one, and that Netflix reportedly will let a series go if the production cost becomes too expensive.

Lennon played Joey's Hand Twin on Friends

A show that ran for ten seasons and became one of NBC's most beloved sitcoms of all time, Friends set the standard for multi-camera ensemble comedies. It became a huge cultural influence in the U.S., with women racing to their local salons and asking for "the Rachel," while everyone quoted Joey's famous pickup line, "How you doin'?"

The show featured a plethora of big stars in cameos throughout the series, including Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Winona Ryder, and Susan Sarandon. Though he may not make the list of A-list celebrities such as these, Thomas Lennon did have a guest role in one of the show's most memorable two-part episodes. "The One in Vegas" has the gang visiting Joey in a casino, where he finds himself employed after plans of a big movie deal fall through. Joey's hopes of fame and fortune are raised once again when he meets Randall, a Blackjack dealer played by Lennon, whom Joey believes to be his "identical hand twin."

Lennon gives a hilarious performance as Randall, who is understandably bemused by Joey's fascination with his hands. Although the story is merely a subplot for the episode, Joey's infectious enthusiasm will have fans crooning his catchy theme song: "This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand... "

Lennon starred as Jim Dangle on Reno 911!

In 2000, Thomas Lennon was one of three creators to pitch a TV show to the Fox network about a team of incompetent police officers working for the Reno Sheriff's Department. The outrageous comedy series Reno 911! was a parody of the popular Fox documentary series Cops. Ultimately, Fox turned down the show, and Reno 911! was picked up by cable network Comedy Central.

Lennon starred in the series as Lieutenant Jim Dangle, the department's fearless leader with a penchant for extremely short shorts. The cast of Reno 911! includes an ensemble of eccentric — and sometimes downright deplorable — characters, who often commit more crimes than they prevent. The series also featured a number of familiar stars like Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Patton Oswalt, Keegan Michael Key, and Paul Rudd.

The show's success spawned a feature film, Reno 911! Miami, released in 2007. Lennon aided in writing the film along with co-creators Kerri Kenney and Robert Ben Garant (with Garant serving as director). Reno 911! aired for six seasons on Comedy Central until 2009, but the show was revived for a seventh season in May 2020 on Quibi.

Lennon played Zac Efron's best friend in 17 Again

If you were a fan of Zac Efron in the early 2000s, then you probably saw the teen comedy 17 Again, which starred Friends actor Matthew Perry with Efron as his teen counterpart. Perry plays Mike O'Donnell, a man whose life has gone off the tracks when he's mysteriously transformed into his younger self, played by Efron.

Thomas Lennon plays Mike's extremely wealthy and super nerdy best friend Ned, who uses his geek knowledge of magical body transformation lore to help Mike figure out how to change back. Ned also poses as Mike's father in order to enroll him in school, whereupon he meets the lovely Principal Jane Masterson (Melora Hardin of The Office). In spite of his obnoxious come-ons and ridiculous "peacocking," the two form an unlikely romance when they discover a mutual love for The Lord of the Rings.

This wouldn't be the last time Lennon and Perry teamed up for a project. In 2015, Perry starred in and executive produced a reboot of the classic series The Odd Couple, with Perry as the disorganized Oscar and Lennon playing the fastidious Felix. The show aired on CBS for three seasons before it was cancelled in 2017.