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The Disney Movie References You Missed In WandaVision Episode 6

Things are getting weirder by the episode on WandaVision, and episode 6 (or "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!") upped the ante even further with that bleak yogurt commercial. But just because Wanda's sitcom oasis is beginning to fall apart around her that doesn't mean WandaVision is losing its sense of humor entirely. In fact, the show managed to slip in two sly Disney movie references while Wanda and Pietro took Billy and Tommy trick-or-treating.

If you look closely during the scene where the two sets of Maximoff twins walk through Westview's town center, you'll notice the theater is showing an interesting double feature: The Parent Trap and The Incredibles. Now, these two particular Disney movies were released six years apart — The Parent Trap remake starring Lindsay Lohan hit theaters in 1998, while the Pixar classic was released in 2004 — but thematically, the movies are the perfect pairing for Wanda and her family.

Thanks to the introduction of Billy and Tommy, there are now two sets of twins in the Maximoff family. And even though none of them are swapping places in hopes of reuniting their parents, The Parent Trap's general theme of discovering previously unknown family members would surely resonate with Wanda, who not only has rapidly aging twin sons on her hands, but also a twin brother who is back from the dead with a new face.

Like Lohan's Hallie and Annie, Wanda is going to great lengths to keep her new family together, but outside forces seem determined to rip them apart. (And yes, that does make S.W.O.R.D. director Tyler Hayward the Meredith Blake of WandaVision.)

Wanda and Vision's family is giving off major The Incredibles vibes

The Parent Trap's twin themes make it a fun, if a bit obvious, Disney reference for WandaVision to make, but The Incredibles nod is interesting because it also doubles as a spoiler for what happens to Billy and Tommy in the sixth episode. Around the time the Maximoffs walk past the theater, Tommy's powers manifest: He has the same super speed abilities as his Uncle Pietro. Then, near the end of the episode, it's revealed that Billy seems to possess powers that are similar to his mother's.

With the twins now officially powered up (beyond the ability to rapidly age themselves), Wanda and Vision have their own The Incredibles' style family unit on their hands — albeit one that's a bit darker than Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's. As far as Disney synergy goes, the marquee's spoilery double feature is the way to go. 

It's also worth noting that much like the sitcom bubble Wanda has seemingly created for herself and Vision, both The Incredibles and The Parent Trap are warm films with happy endings. It makes perfect sense that Wanda would add two joyful, family-centric movies to the backdrop of her aughts sitcom sequence. After all, Westview is supposed to be her escape from a heartbreaking reality that's left her on her own, and adding comfort food movies to the mix is just one more way for the Scarlet Witch to keep the drama of the outside world at bay.