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This Line In WandaVision Episode 6 Further Links Two Quicksilver Actors

Spoilers for WandaVision episode 6 ahead!

It's safe to say every Marvel fan's jaw was on the floor for the final scene of WandaVision episode 5. In the middle of a fight between Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), there's a very special visitor at the front door who's revealed to be Wanda's brother, Pietro (Evan Peters). There are just a couple problems with his entrance — namely he died in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he's a Pietro from a completely different franchise. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson may have originally played Pietro (er, Quicksilver) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Evan Peters portrayed the speedster in the X-Men films for 20th Century. Peters' presence opens up a whole multiverse of possibilities, and while episode 6 doesn't really give us any more answers about where this other Quicksilver came from, it does set up the show's endgame by allowing Wanda to increase the range of her magic and bring more of the real world into her sitcom reality. 

Bigger plot points aside, the latest episode features a ton of smaller Easter eggs for fans to sink their teeth, including everything from comic-accurate Halloween costumes to Wanda continually pointing out how Pietro's face isn't right. There were even some subtle references that may have gone over some viewers' heads, but if you paid close enough attention, there was a moment that hinted at a completely different superhero franchise that has nothing to do with Marvel Studios or 20th Century — though one that nonetheless connects to both actors who have played live-action versions of Quicksilver. 

The "kick-ass" line could be a reference to the 2010 film, Kick-Ass, starring both Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

"All-New Halloween Spooktacular" is the requisite holiday episode of Wanda's sitcom. Wanda and Pietro go trick-or-treating through the neighborhood with the kids, Tommy (Jett Klyne) and Billy (Julian Hilliard), having an absolute blast. At one moment, Pietro says he's going to help them get even more candy, to which Tommy responds, "Kick-ass!" Wanda then repeats the mild swear somewhat disapprovingly, probably because she's starting to see what kind of influence wacky uncle Pietro is having on the kids.

On the other hand, it's hard to hear those lines and not be immediately reminded of the 2010 superhero film, Kick-AssDeadpool may get a lot of attention when it comes to using meta humor in an R-rated superhero adaptation, but Kick-Ass technically beat it to the punch for a live-action, feature-length film. Ordinarily, there probably wouldn't be a reason for a Marvel project to reference something that isn't in its own wheelhouse, but there's something unique about Kick-Ass

Specifically, the superhero film happens to star the two actors who would go on to become the live-action Quicksilvers. Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays average teenager, Dave Lizewski, who dons the mantle of superhero Kick-Ass. Evan Peters plays one of his best friends, Todd, and as fate would have it, they'd both go on to play different versions of the speedster. 

"Kick-ass" may be a fairly common expression, but it's hard not to view it as an intentional shout-out. After all, having Wanda repeat the phrase really makes it seem like the creators wanted to stress the importance of the line. For the time being, we're still holding out hope Taylor-Johnson comes back for a quick cameo just to see him share the screen with Evan Peters once again.