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These Were The Strangest Guests Barry Ever Had On Storage Wars

When Storage Wars first came out in 2010, people tuned in to see what some real-life treasure hunters could get their hands on, and no one was seemingly better at knowing which storage units were worth buying than ol' Barry Weiss. He was around for the first four seasons of the series before landing his very own spin-off — Barry'd Treasure. It only lasted one season, but he wasn't ready to hang up the glasses just yet. A&E then handed him another spin-off, Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back, which involved him and buddy Kenny Crossley providing additional commentary on previous Storage Wars episodes.  

There was plenty to talk about, as Weiss had found all kinds of treasures — and plenty of trash — over the years. Who could forget the time Weiss opened a box to discover a horrifying wooden head with fake eyes and teeth? Not only did the structure turn out to be worth quite a bit of money, but he ended up adding it to his personal collection. While it may come across as weird at first, Weiss clearly saw there was potential value in it and jumped on the opportunity. The buyers on Storage Wars would do anything to get an advantage, and in one episode, Weiss brought some unusual friends to try to get a leg up on the competition. 

Barry Weiss brought some psychics to help him figure out if he should buy a unit

In the season 1 episode "Midnight in the Gardena Good and Evil," the buyers venture to a storage unit facility in Gardena, California. It seems like your average, run-of-the-mill auction until Barry arrives with two psychics. He wants to see if their powers can help him figure out what is inside the locker and whether he should put a bid in. At the onset, everyone can see a bunch of tools, which could have some value, but that's when one of the psychics steps in and says, "We're just gonna kind of zone in a little bit, so if everybody could just be quiet." She then mentions that she senses a "darkness" in the unit, which gets one of the other buyers to leave because he thinks the whole gimmick is just ridiculous — which could have been Weiss' aim in the first place. Weiss ends up coming out on top and checks out his prize. Amazingly, the psychics kind of had it right, as they uncover a shrunken head among all of the paraphernalia. 

Do these women actually have psychic abilities? That's still up for debate, as there are plenty of tricks psychics have been known to implement to appear as if they are all-knowing, such as saying something so vague it's pretty much guaranteed to come true. Still, at the end of the day, Weiss was pretty happy with his purchase, so him bringing the psychics along ended up being a worthwhile experiment.