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Owen Wilson Reveals What It's Really Like Working With Jeff Goldblum

Owen Wilson is back on the big screen — and is opening up about one of his former co-stars.

After taking a break from performing, Wilson — who you've probably seen in comedies like Wedding Crashers and awards season favorites like Midnight in Paris — is returning to his film career in a brand new feature from Amazon Studios. As Wilson revealed to Polygon in an interview, writer-director Mike Cahill approached him about his latest project, Bliss, and Wilson was immediately drawn to the story of a man who realizes he's living in a simulated reality.

Wilson appears alongside Salma Hayek in the film, and in conversation with Polygon, Wilson opened up about his latest project — even saying the film is particularly relatable in 2020. "Since that idea was presented to me, I could start to find a lot of evidence that we're in a simulation, especially with this past year," Wilson joked. "Yeah, you could make a very good case. Who knows, maybe we are? But every day we have choices we make, and things we decide we're going to believe in. Your whole life can change on these little moments."

However, he also discussed one of his former co-stars, who doesn't appear in Bliss, but clearly made an impression. Here's how Owen Wilson really felt about working with acclaimed actor Jeff Goldblum.

Owen Wilson really admires Jeff Goldblum's outlook on life

Wilson and Jeff Goldblum appeared together in Wes Anderson's 2004 film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and though it's been a while, Wilson was obviously struck by Goldblum's approach to life. When interviewer Tasha Robinson asked the actor if there were any "individual people you've worked with who've given you new ways of thinking," Wilson brought up his former co-star right away.

"Well, there are people that live their life in a way you can admire, or find interesting," Wilson replied. "I remember working with Jeff Goldblum. He's doing a show on National Geographic [The World According to Jeff Goldblum] now. He's just this very positive person. Even 'positive' isn't a strong enough word. You see this as a kid in school: you sometimes bond over shared dislikes. Like, '" don't like the cafeteria food! Yeah, me neither! And I don't like homework!' And then sometimes you carry that on into being an adult. But sometimes you meet people who aren't interested in bonding over shared dislikes. They only want to connect over things they're excited about, not giving into any kind of negative stuff. I remember that about Jeff, even though we didn't work together that much — I just appreciate how he was."

Goldblum wasn't the only former co-star Wilson admired; he also really enjoyed working with Woody Harrelson, his longtime friend and collaborator in the 2017 comedy Lost in London. "And then my good friend Woody Harrelson," Wilson continued. "I think he lives his life not worrying too much about what people think. And I think that's a freeing idea for a lot of people, to not worry so much about the judgment of others."

Wilson's new movie Bliss is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.