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The Real Reason Cara Gee Shot All Of Her Expanse Season 5 Scenes Back To Back

Season 5 of The Expanse has been a wild ride. The sci-fi series' penultimate season — which came to an end this week — put its characters through endless amounts of stress and conflict across its 10 episodes. At least, that was certainly the case for Cara Gee's Camina Drummer, who suffered huge losses throughout the season and had her resolve tested at every turn. Of course, Drummer's journey this season might not have been nearly as engaging and moving as it was, if not for Cara Gee's standout performance as the character. The actress has received widespread acclaim for her turn as Drummer this season and has emerged as one of the show's strongest cast members.

There are more than just a few reasons that fans of The Expanse should be impressed with Gee's work in season 5 as well. It turns out that not only did the actress step up to deliver one of the show's most surprisingly emotional and layered performances, but she also filmed all of her scenes in the season under extremely unusual circumstances.

Cara Gee's Expanse season 5 filming schedule

Cara Gee was pregnant during filming of The Expanse season 5. As a result, the production team behind The Expanse worked extensively with the actress to make the shooting process as quick and painless as possible. In fact, Gee says that she shot all of her scenes in the season in a very short amount of time — completing her work on the season well before the rest of The Expanse's cast members did.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Gee explained, "It was crazy. It was wild. We shot all of the Drummer scenes back to back well before the end of the shooting schedule, so that I could get out of there and have a baby. I was extremely pregnant. It was really wonderful."

Given the constant intensity of Drummer's story throughout The Expanse's fifth season, it's a wonder that Gee was able to communicate the character's complex emotional journey in such a truncated period of time. But in the end, it's just a testament to Gee's skills as an actress and the work of the show's production team that they managed to make Drummer's storyline fit so seamlessly into the season — in spite of the unique way that it was shot.