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The One App That Belongs In Hell According To Devil May Care's Alan Tudyk - Exclusive

Devil May Care is a brand new animated series that's a part of SYFY's TZGZ lineup. The show, which takes the eternal damnation of living in Hell and makes it fun, is centered on recently-deceased social media guru Beans (Asif Ali) and his new job: being the Devil's (Alan Tudyk) assistant.

Alan Tudyk is certainly capable of playing genuinely scary villains (go back and watch his performance as Alpha on Joss Whedon's Fox series Dollhouse if you have any doubts about that), but this version of the Devil is a guy who's desperate to give Hell's reputation the ol' spit and polish. Hell doesn't have to be blood and torment all the time. Sure, the place is populated by demons, souls turned away by God, and literal hellfire, but that doesn't mean they can't engage with viral videos!

Devil May Care begins with the Devil and Beans teaming up to create a new chat application that will offer the citizens of Hell a digital space to congregate, build a community, and definitely not share pictures of their genitals.

Looper spoke with the resident Devil himself, Alan Tudyk, to understand Devil May Care's version of Hell a little better through the lens of the most appropriate metric: social media.

And the most evil social media platform is...

Hell is a place for the people and things which are, generally speaking, bad. And not everything that's bad is obvious. Some things are so beige as to become an increasingly harmful presence the more we endure them over time. When asked what type of evil things the Devil has created over the years, Tudyk names the obvious — allergies, plagues, and COVID-19. But the thing that really gives away the nature of Devil May Care's version of Hell is the last thing Tudyk suggested is an infernal invention: "Most vegan mayonnaise."

Social media has a propensity for evil, too. Over the years it's gotten easier and easier to spread disinformation, harass strangers, and worst of all, post corny, outdated memes. But is there one platform which stands above the rest? We asked Tudyk which app, more than all the others, belongs in Hell — and he had a very definitive answer: "Twitter." And if you require clarification, the actor is ready to elaborate. "It brings Hell to us," he explains. "So it makes sense. It puts us in Hell. It's drawing its source from Hell." Harsh, but fair.

And if you were curious as to whether there were any apps out there that are wholly good and have no place in Hell, Tudyk answered that, too: "Plants vs. Zombies." In summation, if you're looking to avoid the proverbial lake of fire, it would seem that the key, according to known authority Alan Tudyk, is to avoid tweeting and embrace protective gardening. Makes sense to us!

Devil May Care airs Saturdays on SYFY.