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The Dark Comedy Hidden Gem That's Taking Off On Netflix

With excellent dark comedy series on Netflix like Russian Doll and BoJack Horseman, some might overlook this Bravo original that's filled with a ton of grim humor. First premiering in 2017, Imposters follows Maddie (portrayed by Inbar Lavi), a con artist who has a knack for luring unsuspecting men into her schemes. After she has them right where she wants them, she manages to take all their money and leave them brokenhearted.

Other stars in the series include Rob Heaps, Parker Young, and Marianne Rendón, all of whom play characters that were conned by Maddie. The trio of characters band together to track Maddie down in order to get their money back. This inadvertently turns into a frantic FBI investigation as the cast starts to gain on Maddie's trail. Little do they know that Maddie is also trying to escape her life as a con artist but is unable to do so due to the looming threat of her boss. Although the show was ultimately canceled after its second season, many still regard it as a must-watch on Netflix due to the series' brilliant humor and writing.

Imposters is incredibly smart and criminally underrated

Imposters has been loved by critics and fans alike. With a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes, critics have often described the comedy as one of Bravo's hidden gems that deserves a chance. One review written by Sadie Gennis from TV Guide expressed that the series' mixed genres of comedy, drama, romance, and mystery create a unique show that treads into newfound territory. "This isn't your typical Bravo show," Gennis wrote when describing the first season. "Imposters can get seriously dark."

While the first season was more focused on plot, the show's second season primarily fleshes out the show's characters. During an interview with TV Guide, Adam Brooks, the co-creator for the series, explained that the purpose of the second season was to give fans a chance to really understand the characters. "Season 2 is about consequences for all the characters," Brooks said. "Now that they've sort of accomplished their mission, they're like, 'Who are they? What did they do?'"

Without spoiling too much of the plot, the second season of the show has plenty of backstory for each of the show's characters. However, the only way to really understand it and enjoy it is to, of course, watch the entire series. With only 20 45-minute-long episodes, it's the perfect binge for viewers who are looking for an engaging comedy that isn't afraid to tread into dark territory.