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Here's What Prim From The Hunger Games Looks Like Now

When "The Hunger Games" premiered in 2012, it launched the careers of a whole new generation of young actors. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson have all gone on to lead their own films or film franchises, while others have enjoyed steady work in movies and TV. Willow Shields, who played Katniss Everdeen's little sister Primrose, was cast in the role when she was just 11. Although it wasn't her first acting role, it definitely put her career on a different trajectory. 

Getting cast in "The Hunger Games" franchise got Shields' career off to a strong start, as it meant a major role in not one but four different films, ending with "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2" in 2015. By the time filming wrapped, Shields had spent a third of her young life portraying Prim, and it was difficult to say goodbye. "There was some sadness to filming [the final] two films," Shields told Teen Vogue in 2015. "On my last day, Jennifer Lawrence came in my trailer and gave me a sweet gift, and we just hung out for a little while. It was hard because it was my last day on set and my last shot as Prim. It was all very emotional." But it was also not the last we'd see of this multi-faceted young woman.

Dancing with the Stars

After "Mockingjay — Part 2," Willow Shields followed up on that success by becoming the youngest contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," joining the show's 20th season in 2015. Before the 14-year-old landed the gig, the previous record holder had been a 16-year-old Zendaya.

As a relative newcomer to dancing, learning and performing a new routine each week was a challenge, especially because child labor laws mandated that she take at least one day off per week, reducing her rehearsal time. As she told Teen Vogue, her prior role as Prim added even more pressure to her "Dancing with the Stars" appearances, because she knew millions of young girls looked up to her. On top of that, Shields sustained multiple injuries, including a dislocated rib.

Despite all these difficulties, Shields and her dancing partner Mark Ballas were one of the highest-scoring duos during Season 20. But her good fortune ended in Week 7, when her ninja-themed dance routine didn't impress fans enough to keep her around another week. Sadly, the odds were no longer in her favor.

Acting roles since The Hunger Games

Willow Shields has had multiple roles in movies and TV since "The Hunger Games" wrapped up for her. Her first post-Prim role was also her first lead role in a feature film, when she was cast as Rachel in 2017's "Into the Rainbow," a Chinese-New Zealand joint production about two girls who are magically transported to China via a magic rainbow. The next year she landed her first co-lead in an American feature with the role of Lorian in "Woodstock or Bust," a coming-of-age road flick about two teens traveling to the legendary 1965 rock concert.

Shields has also delved into television work, with a supporting role in the 2019 horror series "The Unsettling," about a 16-year-old foster child whose new home isn't all that it seems. "The Unsettling" only lasted for one season, however, and in 2020, Shields had another supporting role as Serena Baker, the younger sister of main character Kat Baker, in the Netflix skating series "Spinning Out." It was also canceled after one season.

Her next feature role was a lead part in the 2022 coming-of-age indie drama "When Time Got Louder." While she was supposed to star alongside Tim Roth and Vincent D'Onofrio in the crime thriller "A Fall from Grace," from director Jennifer Lynch, the film — first announced in 2012 — has not gone into production to date.

She's developed brand partnerships

Willow Shields is an activist for women and the comfort of their bodies. She uses her Instagram as a platform of example, showing her comfort with her own body and encouraging others to do so, too. One of the ways she does this is to preach sex positivity, which she does through her partnership with Bellesa, a women-centered website that focuses on adult entertainment and sex toys.

Bellesa has in-house videos they produce, as well as free adult videos that you can search and navigate for your particular kink. The website also features a section of erotica, where people can read story submissions, and sex education resources, where people can learn about female pleasure. Shields partnered with Bellesa to give away sex toys and gift cards from the boutique through her Instagram. When people click the link in her bio and sign up with their email, they get a gift from Bellesa.

Shields' followers have embraced the partnership, and a lot of them commented on the hilarity of seeing the former "Hunger Games" star posting this content. One user remarked: "Never did I think I'd scroll past a post of Primrose Everdeen promoting a vibrator. I love growing up hehe."

She's an avid climber

Anyone who looks at Willow Shields' social media can see that she keeps herself active and embedded in nature. Part of that comes from her dedication to climbing. Shields created a section of her Instagram called "Climbing," where she posts reels of her climbing up indoor rock walls, training for climbs by doing pull-ups, and the effect on her hands as a result of the exercise. 

After more than a year, she eventually progressed to climbing real rocky terrain outdoors, and continually updates the Instagram section as she gains more climbing experience. She also makes individual posts about specific experiences, like climbing in California and New Mexico. In one Instagram post, Shields wrote, "Rock climbing really brings out the badass and happiness in me." This passion brings her joy that she likes to share with others, and it's fun for fans to watch her journey as she continues to improve her skills.

Taking ownership of her body

Willow Shields is so open and comfortable with her body on social media partially as a personal choice. Another part of it, however, comes from an unfortunate experience Shields went through in April 2023. In an Instagram post, Shields shared a selfie of herself wearing no clothes and posing in the mirror. In the caption, she shared that she was being blackmailed and extorted for nude photos of herself, which she took in private and were never meant to be shared with the world. She posted the photo, writing in the caption about taking back her own power and sharing the photos with her fans first, before she could be blackmailed.

Shields explained that the blackmailer emailed her the photo and threatened to share it with her friends, family, and the internet as a whole. They also claimed to have many more photos that were "less tame" of Shields that they would continue to use against her. She wrote that she reported the case to the FBI and was hopeful that the agency would proceed with an investigation.

She also explained that part of the reason she shared the photo was because she knows many people are targeted by hackers through revenge porn and nude leaks, in an effort to force someone into intense vulnerability and desperation. "I will not stand for any slut shaming, this is my body, and I will share it with whomever I choose," Shields wrote.

Shields is a bookworm

If Willow Shields isn't posting about climbing or her passion for photography, she is definitely posting an image of the latest book she's reading. Shields is an avid reader and thorough bookworm, always finding new content to dive into. As with climbing, Shields has a section of her Instagram dedicated to reading, where she posts particular quotes, chapters, and books that she is reading that resonate well with her. She's posted books like "Know My Name" by Chanel Miller, "The Silence of the Lambs" by Thomas Harris, and "The Awkward Age" by Francesa Segal. Most of her books she finds in thrift stores, which she also showcases in thrift store book hauls on her "Reading" section.

She often makes individual posts about reading on her Instagram, but most of her individual reading posts are showcased through her second Instagram account, @willowshelf, where she shares the cover of the book, the title, the author, the page count, and a quick review in her caption. Additionally, Shields will do book giveaways through her Instagram for those who follow her personal and reading accounts. Winners are chosen and notified through direct messages, and can win several books from her shipped directly to their residence.

Coming out on social media

Willow Shields' comfort with sharing her thoughts and pictures of herself and her friends online went a step further when, in 2022, Shields came out via Instagram. In the post, Shields wears a white dress and holds a rainbow flag over her head with a joyous expression on her face. Appropriate for the announcement and the fact that it was posted in June, which is National LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, the caption simply reads, "Hi I'm bi," with a rainbow flag next to it, then "Happy Pride!!!" with a fleet of multicolored hearts.

She also revealed that she has a girlfriend. In September 2023, Shields posted a few photos of them together, with the caption "reminder to kiss your girlfriend" and the pride flag next to it. In the photos, the two are hugging in a Polaroid, kissing at an outdoor concert, and snuggling at a restaurant. Fans and friends commented on Shields' apparent happiness, with one friend writing, "Y'all are glowing with happiness and I love it." Though Shields does not tag her girlfriend in the posts, likely for privacy reasons, the two are publicly together.

A photographer and artist

One of the first aspects of Willow Shields' Instagram that fans might notice is her slew of professional-looking photos. These aren't from red carpet events or modeling shoots; rather, Shields and her friends all take photos of one another to practice their photography skills and use photography as a creative outlet. Some of her friends, like Christina Mellor, a.k.a. @christinascaptures on Instagram, take photos of her, where Shields can model and compare styles with other photographers. Other times, it's Shields behind the camera.

Shields will post photos of her friends and family and let the audience know what kind of film she's using. In one post, Shields showed off a peaceful spot to start her summer, shot on 35mm film. In another, she showcased portraits she took of her friends on film, not only giving fans insight into her photography skills, but into her friendships as well. Shields even shared a photo of herself in the mirror taking the picture on a Canon AE-1, her 35mm film camera. This way, those who follow her can see what kind of camera she is using to get these artsy shots.

She loves the outdoors

Though Willow Shields has an evident love for climbing, as seen through her Instagram section devoted to it, she also loves adventuring in the great outdoors. She is constantly posting photos of herself hiking through mountains, spending time in the forest, and traveling to all sorts of places out of town.

In one post, Shields documented a trip to Yosemite with one of her friends, showing off the mountains, the hikes she went on, painting in the woods, and eating ice cream with a great view. In another post, Shields showed off her trip to Alaska, with herself sitting by the running water, and a log cabin with the mountains behind it. In another post, she and her twin, Autumn, can be seen in the snow at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and in yet another, Shields shares photos of herself skinny dipping in the Utah waters. Her adventures are what she's always dreamed of doing, as she said in her compilation video post about her summer escapades.

She's fashion forward

When she's not acting, this hardworking young woman finds time to pursue other creative projects and enjoy the perks of fame. Aside from being an avid photographer, climber, bookworm, and more, Willow Shields is also a budding fashionista. Shields first got a taste for fashion while making appearances during the many "Hunger Games" press tours and film premieres, wearing gowns and gorgeous outfits designed by Christian Siriano, Naeem Khan and Marchesa's Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig. This was to be expected, as the entire cast brought their A-game (except for that one pajama fit from Woody Harrelson – you know the one). However, her fashion pursuits did not stop at red carpets and press tours.

Since then, the Albuquerque, New Mexico, native has been a regular fixture at New York Fashion Week, following in the footsteps of co-star Jennifer Lawrence. In 2016, she was the youngest front-row New York Fashion Week attendee. She also shared Law Roach, an American stylist known for his work with young celebrities, with stars like Zendaya and Anya Taylor-Joy. When The Hollywood Reporter caught up with her during NYFW in 2016, Shields described her personal style as "kind of a mix of things. A lot of it is vintage — I always have loved wearing vintage clothing ... I would definitely say kind of vintage, grunge, but also sometimes that very chic, classic look is something that I like to throw in."

Charity work

The free-spirited and creativity-forward person that she is, Willow Shields has long been active in charity work, too. She's worked in particular to end bullying in its many forms and is an advocate for people to live their lives how they please. In 2011, she designed a T-shirt for Blue Shirt Day, an anti-bullying event organized by Stomp Out Bullying. She's also an advocate for Delete Digital Drama, an anti-cyberbullying nonprofit. Her advocacy for anti-bullying is also likely self-motivated, as she was under a lot of pressure and criticism to play Prim a certain way, and has received her fair share of internet bullying, especially when she was blackmailed for her nude photos.

In addition to anti-bullying activism, Shields advocates for Operation Smile, a nonprofit that helps children born with cleft palates. She also works with The Thirst Project, an initiative bringing clean drinking water to impoverished children, and has aided efforts to help victims of natural disasters, provide food for impoverished or homeless families, mitigate the effects of climate change on forests and promote awareness of gun violence and mass school shootings by performing acts of kindness in memory of its victims. It seems that Shields truly wants to make an impact.

Dear Social Media

Though Willow Shields is an avid social media user herself, she can understand firsthand the dangers and mental damage using social media can have. In an effort to demystify the allure of social media and show solidarity to those who struggle with its expectations, Shields created a photo series and written letter in 2017 for a project called "Dear Social Media," which featured diverse women sharing their thoughts on the various pressures and dangers of the internet. Shields' personal letter talks about how even when social media is no longer important and the world has found something new to fixate on, those who social media has tried to damage will still be strong and fighting against oppression.

The project premiered at Beautycon LA in 2017, with the feminist photography featuring model Iskra Lawrence and actor Tracee Ellis Ross. Though this was an outlet of creativity for Shields, it also correlates with her activist pursuits, including Shields' involvement in the March For Our Lives and the Women's March. In talking with Teen Vogue about the project, Shields said, "It's really important that we make light of the issues women face on social media: not just by recognizing it, but by transforming it into an important, interesting issue. My goal is to do this through art."

Shields is also a playwright

Willow Shields' creativity and personalized voice certainly find their release through outlets like photography and activism. However, Shields is also a writer. Already evident through her open 'Dear Social Media" letter, Shields takes intensely personal and difficult topics and finds a way to eloquently connect with her audience. Her writing did not stop at "Dear Social Media," though. In fact, Shields actually wrote a one-act play in 2018 called "Scratched Into The Bathroom Walls" for Theatre 68 in North Hollywood.

There isn't much public information about the play, other than Shields' writing and the fact that it starred one of her good friends, Hope Bello LaRoux. The set design was minimalist, with a toilet in the center and Hope carrying a prop backpack and a cell phone. The one-act play is a drama, likely touching on bullying or another one of Shields' activist pursuits. There was only one performance of the play in August 2018, leaving it somewhat of a mystery to fans. However, Shields continues to write, meaning there will likely be more projects like this play in the future.

Modeling is still on her radar

As a photographer herself, Willow Shields understands the importance of bolstering a portfolio. That's why, in addition to taking photos of her friends, she also often models for her friends who are also photographers. People like Christina Mellor, a.k.a. @christinascaptures on Instagram, or cbfour.co, a creative company, take photos of Shields to add to their portfolios. However, it's not just a beneficial thing for them — Shields enjoys modeling and features some of her photo shoots on her website.

Shields also has modeled for advertisements, namely with Replay, a clothing company. Her modeling skills have also come in handy for red carpet premieres, where she's had to pose for dozens of cameras and make sure to look nice from all angles. She even still attends red carpet premieres, modeling recently in a For Love and Lemons sheer lavender dress with sparkly bow embellishments. If she's not at a red carpet or modeling for a friends' portfolio, she is finding ways to model for her activism, celebrating women's bodies or her love of nature.

Awards and accolades

Willow Shields' activism, creative outlets, and work have all paid off in varying ways, but in particular, her acting jobs have resulted in many professional award nominations. In 2014, for her role as Primrose Everdeen in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," Shields was nominated for a Young Hollywood Award for Best Cast-Chemistry Film. In 2016, "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" was nominated for a MTV Movie and TV Award for Ensemble Cast. They lost out both times, but in 2019, Shields was nominated for two awards and won one. 

First, she was nominated for a Lady Filmmakers Film Festival award for Best Supporting Actress in "Woodstuck or Bust." She was also nominated for an Artemis Women in Action Film Festival award for Best Actress in "Woodstuck or Bust," which she won. These nominations and her win truly show Shields' dedication to her craft, just as she is dedicated to all the other creative pursuits in her life.