China Made A Crazy Mad Max: Fury Road Rip-Off

Mad Max: Fury Road wasn't released in China, so a local production company decided to make it a lovely day entirely on their own.

Director Zuo Jianlong created Mad Sheila, an unofficial and shameless take on George Miller's 2015 masterpiece. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Mad Sheila follows Xi Liya, a renegade bounty hunter who travels the desert disguised as a man. When she comes across a group of virgins about to be sold to a gang of steampunk warlords, she finds herself in a fight to rescue them.

If all of that sounds familiar, it definitely should. It's almost exactly the plot of Mad Max: Fury Road. But this sort of thing has become increasingly common in China since the debut of the streaming service Tencent (where you'll find Mad Sheila). Thanks to very little union or government regulations, movies are often made with next to no budget and turned around rapidly with an emphasis on quantity over quality.

In fact, producers have already started work on a pair of sequels called Mad Sheila: Virgin Road and Mad Sheila: Vengeance Road.

Meanwhile, if you suddenly feel a need to watch the actual Mad Max flick, the long-awaited and very cool "Black & Chrome" edition will be released Dec. 6.